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  1. Lift Kit on 22 Willys Sport 2-Door

    Try to find take offs from a 2 door with the same engine that way the springs will be the correct rate. I think you just need springs, shocks, and sway bar end links. Control arms are all the same I think. JT stuff is going to be different and should probably be avoided to keep things simple.
  2. Sliders with removeable steps

    You dont, you just put it on the ground and shes climbs in.
  3. Sliders with removeable steps

    I kept one of these in the jeep for my wife when she was pregnant and for a few weeks after. It got the job done.
  4. Help Spend My Money-- 22 JLU Rubicon Mods

    Just something to air up your tires after a day in the sand. Other than that, you're set.
  5. Suspension lift help

    If looks are your main concern, the rough county 2.5 inch spacer lift will get you the looks you want for a low price. Ride quaility will be mostly the same. I dont think there are any plastic parts in the kit. Another option would be to install some rubicon take off suspension. It will probably...
  6. Tailgate Table - fits Freedom tops

    I think all of them? They dont take up much space
  7. Death wobble wrangler 4Xe 12,500 miles

    Cool, I guess it was my drag link causing problems then.
  8. Death wobble wrangler 4Xe 12,500 miles

    Its been working great in the month since the repair was done. I have not experienced it since. I would only really notice it when hitting a rough spot in the road at speed. More pronounced if it was also in a curve in the road. Normal around town driving didn't have a problem. My Jeep also has...
  9. Death wobble wrangler 4Xe 12,500 miles

    I had the samme issue on my 2019. New steering stabilizer and new drag link under warranty fixed my issues. Probably started around 15k miles one the jeep.
  10. Door hinge removal

    I just got some clear 3M paint protective film and put it on the front sides of the hinges. Its been holding up well to to prevent paint chips on the hinge.
  11. Recommended sliders/steps to avoid chronic hamstring strains

    You could get something like the NFab rock rails with optional steps and just install the steps in the rear. There are other systems out there that are similar that let you just have steps where you need them.
  12. Suspension to jump jeep?

    Just some spacers on a rubicon.
  13. Throttle Body Spacers

    If you're running the 3.6 V6 you could get a tune from Livernois that gives you an extra 30 to 50 hp depending on the fuel used.
  14. 2021 Rubicon 37” tire carrier

    Get something heavy duty like the EVO or Rustys carrier. Youre putting a wider tire on there so its going to stick out more no matter what.
  15. carrying extra gas?

    The Smittybilt jeep that was used for ultimate adventure 2019 had two steel gas cans that were mentioned earlier in the the thread mounted inside and the wheeling they do is probably a lot harder than what you're doing in this trip. I think the key is to buy good quality gas cans. You can see...
  16. 37s on xtreme recon package?

    your speedometer will need to be re-calibrated
  17. Unique tools for removing the top and doors

    Leave the door nuts off and you will save even more time. I like the tie down to anchors in the garage ceiling method for taking the top off. If you have the space.
  18. Hydro-assist necessary for 40s?

    You could try this system first. Less expense than a full system
  19. Jeep tow rating and 4xe

    Wheelbase and hitch mounting I think are the major factors.