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  1. Nitto Recon Grapplers

    And I was just getting ready to start a thread asking about comparison between several different Grappler tires (Ridge, Recon, Terra G2, Terra). Would like to know more about the differences and performance. This will help some.
  2. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Seeing that you live in a warm climate, I would say go with Gen 2 if you can get them. One of the primary improvements of the Gen 3 was improved performance in cold climates so it seems you probably wouldn't benefit much from that. However, another improvement is that the step is longer towards...
  3. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Which lift and size tires are you running? And are you using wheel spacers?
  4. 2022 Drummond Island Jamboree Check-In

    The price of admission gets you your meals (as mentioned), fun, and expert guides who seriously know the trails and what your Jeep can do. I've followed a good number of trail guides around and these individuals really know what they're doing and take your safety and your Jeep's health seriously.
  5. 2022 Drummond Island Jamboree Check-In

    I wouldn't call the groups at the DIJJ "large". More like medium. I think most groups had 10-12 Jeeps. It was only slow getting through several obstacles and those weren't bad because everyone like to watch others make it through. Hardly a dull moment during the two days on the trails. You...
  6. 2022 Drummond Island Jamboree Check-In

    My wife and I did the DIJJ last year (our first JJ) and had a great time. The guides and everyone there are the best. Lots of people who attend other Jamborees say DI is THE best organized and most fun Jamboree they've ever attended. I feel recovery gear should be standard for any Jeep but don't...
  7. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Looking forward to following your trip report.
  8. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Dang. That is the worst experience reported here so far. Obviously, they have an issue with the quality of the circuit boards in the motors. It is definitely a PITA to replace those things. Hopefully you'll get the driver's side done and not have any more issues.
  9. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Unfortunately, you are correct in most cases. It seems to me, many companies that produce our Jeep parts are smaller companies that don't have the resources for a lot of QA testing so more sub-standard items get to us, the consumer. I've worked in manufacturing in the past and realize it does...
  10. Seat In My JLUR Upgraded.

    Looks like a great improvement. Keep us updated on this over the next 20 months during your Great Adventure.
  11. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Long story short: I replaced the motor/circuit board assembly and it has been working ever since. The RSE support has been really good and got the parts out to me quickly. Even overnighted one to me.
  12. Better Get the Jeep loaded up. Off to the Daniel Boone National Forest to run the Back Country Byway. Now with Pics.

    I'll be on those trails Sunday. Joining up with an event held by Dan Cummins Off-Road. I've heard mention of one or two other groups planning events there this weekend too so I think we'll all have plenty of company. I'll keep an eye out for you. I've read some of your trip posts in the past and...
  13. Which one of you was this? $100K Jeep flooded and totaled in the river

    Always lots to learn watching Matt's videos. This one is no exception.
  14. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    RSE sent me new sensors and a motor/circuit board to replace. I swapped out the sensors and tested the step 20-30 times in the driveway. Worked perfectly every time. Went to go to the store 24 hours later and it didn't work. Going to replace the motor/circuit board this weekend. That's gotta be...
  15. Criswell Timeline/Experience

    Yep. Ordered mine with Pat two years ago. I had a very long delay in manufacturing for an unknown reason but no reflection on Pat or Criswell. I believe they tried their best to help during the delay but nothing could be done. But, the dealer experience was stellar. Even gave me top dollar for...
  16. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Mabel the Moab grew two inches yesterday. Installed the Dynatrac Enduro 2" lift and Mopar LCAs. Looking forward to stretching it out a little.
  17. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Mine went over a month without an issue then yesterday it stopped again. Couldn't get it going no matter how many times I pulled the fuse. Then today, pulled the fuse again after driving a bit and it started working. I called RSE this morning and they have shipped out new sensors for the first...
  18. Fluid Film inside of Frame?

    Something like this?
  19. Fluid Film inside of Frame?

    Sounds logical. You could definitely test that out on some small piece of pipe. Gunk it up, put it in the freezer, then wash it out with hot water.