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  1. Can you guess what's wrong with this Jeep?

    Are you sure that it’s plugged in? Does the horn work?
  2. Which mod is the unsung hero of your build?

    Functional: mopar LCAs Safety: dash and rear camera Maintenance: rainX windshield repair kit
  3. Driving in snow / ice…any tips?

    The best way to avoid an encounter with a moron is don’t be there. Brakes are not your friend. Even with antilock. Approach your brakes like you are only trying to get one pad to touch the rotors.
  4. Off-Road Pages not available at this time, try again later?

    Generic suggestion: press all of your fuses to be sure that they are seated.
  5. What kit is this?

    Granted it’s not a JL series, but it’s looked really nice. Saw it in SanJuan last week.
  6. Do you think Jeep/Stilantis will also be doing this as well?

    Transmit and broadcast fees? Seems like the FCC should be looking at this.
  7. Carrying gas cans and or Bigger Tank?

    Hurricane Ida. 2 weeks on gasoline generator power. gas was so scarce at the end of week 1 we were down to 1 Honda Accord and had drained the tanks on the tractor, lawnmower, trucks and Jeep. I went into the storm with every vehicle and 20 gallons extra. My burn rate was low compared to most at...
  8. Keyfob now 30% smaller!

    I turned it over and tapped the case on the counter top The chip came out enough to get with my fingers.
  9. One Aux Switch Left - Ummm??

    A separate power distribution block for the interior.
  10. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    South Louisiana no politics price? $1.39
  11. Speedometer is wrong and tailgate....

    mine gets weird when my iPhone is linked through CarPlay.
  12. Let's talk winches folks

    Just remember that the hitch pin can become the weak link in that setup. Using a class 2,3 or even 4 hitch, with a hook or shackle, for a recovery can get dicey with a pin that is not up to the task.
  13. D'oh! Broken door connector

    The door harness is available, but there are a bunch of versions
  14. Can I use two factory auxiliary switches for one light?

    I hope an EE will speak up, but it may be worth putting an appropriate sized diode on each feed to prevent FCA feedback gremlins. The switches are electronic even though they are using relays.
  15. Stupid Quesion, I know. But Need part Identified

    Try Mother’s Back to Black.
  16. Looking for a good wax for a JL

    No experience with the level of snow you regularly deal with, but here the 2 current go to product I use. I re-coat about every 6 months with either. 1. Maguires Ultimate liquid wax. Traditional application. 2.SHINE ARMOR Fortify Quick Coat - Ceramic Coating. Just don’t use it as a waterless...
  17. There is no perfect engine

    Surely Stellantis has a water cooled boxer design available. That would be nice.
  18. Adjustable (crescent) wrenches- which ones don’t suck?

    while they were supposed to be prohibited, I have heard several navy engineers keep crescent type wrenches available but they modify them by grinding the tips of the jaws back. True??? Dunno.
  19. Dang! No more Crystal Granite Metallic :-(

    I like the color because it looks clean even when it’s not.