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  1. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    The bushings on the ends are the same width as factory. I have been feeling under the weather the last few days but will be mounting this using a synergy mount and a 1.75 bar clamp as soon as I am feeling better.
  2. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    The PS software has nothing to do with this. Go back and read my posts on the subject over the last year. This has all been discussed in depth as well as the pull you experienced with your Jeep.
  3. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    The tires have been dynamic balanced on a hunter road force machine. And weights are on the outside and inside of the rims. Two different sets of tires, BFG KO2’s on Pinter wheels, then Toyo AT3 on Bora wheels. I have access to an alignment machine any time I want it for as long as I need it...
  4. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I tell you what, I have a 2020 JLUR that I have been chasing a mild shimmy after hitting a bump for over a year and have pretty much replaced everything twice. Ball joints,knuckles,tie rods, stabalizers,hub bearings, tires, wheels, track bars, control arms, gear boxes, steering intermediate...
  5. Thoughts on Roadmaster exact center for flat towing/death wobble?

    That is actually pretty interesting, I think the Jl actually needs some pressure on the steering linkage. If you try this please update the post. The only concern I would have is the replacement bracket they use looks to move the mount further over. I would check the measurements of your MC...
  6. Any experience with Rusty’s Tie Rod/Drag Link?

    I have been running the Rusty’s on mine for probably 10k. No complaints.
  7. Ball joint delete

    Dynatrac used a heim, pretty sure the deletes use a sealed bearing. It only rotates it doesn’t pivot like a heim. That’s why Dynatrac still uses a dust boot and a zerk for grease, the deletes are not greasable
  8. Revers lights that Fit.

    For 1/2 the price I figured it was worth a shot just to see if it was the “factory steel bumper” or the manufacturer of the lights. Guess what, the Amazon lights FIT the steel bumper with zero modifications! It is possible!
  9. Ball joint delete

    I seen those a few months back. The one thing I question is Jeep actually designed the JL ball joints to carry the load equally, that’s why they went to the sleeve in the upper. The TJ and JK joints all had an upper joint that was telescopic to make up for the difference in the taper in the...
  10. Front Ball Joints. Let discuss what is the best replacement for the stock ball joints.

    I went with the Dana first and had play in one of the joints right after installing them. I got a refund from Dana and went with the Dynatrac. I would recommend saving the trouble and spending the extra and be done with it.
  11. Steering choices

    FYI, I have the Rusty’s system And they made the end links you have on your RPM system. I spoke to Apex about swapping the ends, the tie rod ends will work but the drag link won’t, they changed the length of the ends so the RPM or in my case Rusty’s bar is too long.
  12. Front Ball Joints. Let discuss what is the best replacement for the stock ball joints.

    Just a FYI. Take a 2-3” extension and wedge it between the outer axle shaft and the inner C, start the Jeep and turn the wheel, the power steering will push the stuck hub right off. Here is a picture of what I am describing.
  13. Reverse light options

    $44 and they fit the steel bumper! What a concept!😂
  14. DQOTD-Sound under hood

    If the ignition is on do you by chance have the blower for the heat on?
  15. Reverse light options

    I’m just glad to see there are some decent options popping up. I know how much of a pain it is to keep pulling the bumper to replace the reflector lights. It would be nice to come up with a solid option to be one and done. I mean the light in my hot tub is UNDER water 24/7 and it doesn’t get...
  16. Reverse light options

    I have used KC lights, Baja Design lights, and Rigid on quite a few rigs. Never had a water issue. They were not even fully sealed lights. Anyone that try’s to convince me it’s “normal” for a SEALED light to have moisture in it needs to pass along some of what they are smoking. 🤪
  17. Reverse light options

    Well I can answer that for you………..FCA made the reflector to fit the drivers side on a steel bumper and mirrored the design to the passenger side. Look at a stock Jeep, the gap around the passenger reflector is slightly larger on a steel bumper. BUT guess what, no one notices. Fill it up with...
  18. Reverse light options

    I have access to a 3D printer, I might have to see what I can come up with.
  19. Reverse light options

    I wonder if they are large enough to mount on an angle over the factory reflectors. You could have one on each side. Might be worth bringing up to BD the need for a quality light and they could make the mounting plate large enough to cover the holes from the reflector. Big advantage would be a...