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  1. MB Quart announced 'Purposely Engineered Jeep Tuned Audio Kits' (incl. 6x9 Soundbar adapter) at Jeep Beach 2021

    I have been lurking on this string. At the end of the day with the MB quart upgrade can you actually hear the stereo at 75 miles an hour with the top down? I am unable to hear the Alpine and that's also with a stock exhaust.
  2. Texas Hardtop and hoist

    I would buy that hoist in like 3 seconds if it was not such a drive. Good luck with sale.
  3. Annoying quiet rattle cold engine

    Oils are super thin now and parts are made cheaply. I would say its a timing chain tensioner. or maybe lifters taking their sweet to pump up. Possibly a rocker arm .I have seen this with other makes. If its consistent when cold start(so technician can duplicate). i would take to dealer...
  4. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    If my memory serves me correct. You start Jeep chat. You will need possibly your VIN and build number. You say the correct words to it like you were looking for status. There's a few more questions of I think maybe your name and address even though you already supplied them in the Jeep chat. The...
  5. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Not really a huge fan how the soft top lays down on these. Kind of messy. I like the TJ better.
  6. dude allegedly gets 2021 3.6 A/T with NO etorque

    I think the online Jeep builder is a POS. The Jeep order guides are accurate.. The Builder had LED head lights as an option for the Willys and Willys Sport. They come standard on the WILLYS optional on the Willys Sport. That explains why my sales person couldnt figure out how to build my exact...
  7. 3.6 - For Those Running Premium Fuel

    I'm still under 2000 miles on my Jeep.. I have been using middle grade. Which I think is 89 octane. I did have highway miles up to San Antonio and back and I got 17.5. And basically daily I'm getting 17 or even Louis XVI(low as 16) however this last tank I put in premium. it got bumped up to...
  8. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    My 2021 Willys doesn't have it. Mine is not the willys sport
  9. oil change frequency

    If you love your Jeep and it's a keeper I would change it every 5000 miles. But if you are leasing or you're just going to get rid of it by a hundred thousand miles then by all means Ten Thousand Mile oil changes
  10. oil change frequency

    I am a 5 tire rotation guy. My old Rubicon Goodyear mtrs lasted me over 40,000 miles. Okay I know I was a mall crawler. I've seen many other ones where the tires were gone at 25,000. But they had a beautiful spare on the back
  11. Manual Owners: I need your help!

    Ask to see the TSB if they tell you it's normal. As in the trade service Bulletin. This way it is documented and you seen it and it won't drive you crazy thinking the guy is possibly blowing smoke up your butt
  12. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I'm finally posting mine. But it is not that best picture. But anyway this one is with the hardtop....
  13. Who has ordered MOPAR CAI from the factory?

    I too am going back and forth with dealer. The parts for the hood werent included. I tried to go through Jeep Chat and it was just some generic answer. I used the email for elevated problems and also got a generic answer. My service Advisor at the dealership is trying to solve the problem but...
  14. New Jeep From Factory

    If you can't find a dealer to accept the tread lightly. It might also be just as easy to use the Costco program. Which I believe it may just be at invoice price. And once you sign up. build your Jeep.. Costco then send the email to participating dealers who will then send you an email or they...
  15. Tweaking half doors for the perfect fit.

    So they will throw it on one of their Jeeps that they order as an option and sell you the doors separately?
  16. Tweaking half doors for the perfect fit.

    I was just using a hose with an attachment.. I'm sure I didn't even throw a hundred PSI at it just what would be a good sideways rain. I'm going to start to research a random rattle I get sometimes it 70 + miles an hour under certain conditions. Either way I still love the half doors. To me...
  17. Tweaking half doors for the perfect fit.

    Since this thread is more for noobs. I will add this. I washed the Jeep and sprayed doors trying to make them leak,there wasnt any issue. At 70+ mph following a semi i was able to see daylight inbetween the door and frame. It Only did that under ceratin conditions. CHANGED Hardtop to soft, it...
  18. How did you decide on your engine?

    Thank God I love being wrong in this case.
  19. Orders with half doors on delay

    Well finally after from 3-27 maybe till June 6th.. and here it is finally with the half doors. Okay I couldn't wait till morning. Not to mention in the morning there's going to be eight million bugs on it by the time I get to work and it's light out.
  20. Tweaking half doors for the perfect fit.

    I will just wait for a Jeep Jamboree or something like that and someone tells me who in the hell installed your windows son?? They are all sorts of jacked up. And then everyone starts laughing at me. Throwing around terms like Mall crawler at me.:CWL: