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  1. Does a 285/75/17 and/or a 295/70/17 tire fit on the stock rear tire carrier w/ stock bumper and no mods?

    Factory wheels and plastic rear bumper 37" Milestar Patagonia worn probably 1/4 Tred left barely rubs rear bumper. I went with it help support the weight :fingerscrossed: a bit. So up to 35" should be fine. I did have to raise the brake light and it is bent back like others have stated. Get...
  2. Trying to Wire AEV 7000 lights into JLU switches. AEV tech support no help

    If they are a standard light no high low stuff you dont need anything but the plug that attaches to the light. Run the Negative to the grounding screw by battery and the positive to corresponding aux switch wire. No need for relays it is built into aux wiring already in place.
  3. Anyone else having issues with push button start?

    Mine was just press harder on the brake pedal. More than you should have to, but been fine since. Does it try to start like low battery or click? Or just nothing.
  4. ARB Hydrolic Jack VS US Made Bottle Jack

    The Hi-Lifs handle is also a great cheater pipe!!
  5. Mopar HD Rock Slider with step assist

    They are $$ but I second the rock slide engineering steps. They saved the jeep from getting the ax and a marriage lol. Their support dept in my experience has been top notch.
  6. Rear Storage Solutions/Ideas other than AAL and GooseGear

    Should have kept reading thread.. looks great!
  7. Rear Storage Solutions/Ideas other than AAL and GooseGear

    Love the line x etc.. setup good and clean. Did you make it or is it for purchase somewhere?
  8. Trailering Jeep...Strap to tie rod?

    Those dont fit a 37" probably not a 35 either.
  9. Worst things to say about a Jeep?

    Not a dumb thing... well i guess it is. In the naked jeep lady at Lowes askes is it windy with no top and doors. My reply was no the radio is pretty loud.
  10. Who was the brain surgeon of the heated seat button.

    The same geniuses that designed the instrument cluster steering wheel controls up is down and down is up???? That being said i like the on high feature first
  11. Dual Top Group Questions

    I went even cheaper on my lift a few pulleys a boat trailer crank / hand winch about 70 bucks total. So very easy to swap 45 min and a beer.. that being said my hardtop has not been on for two years. Stay in safari mode with the soft top unless raining.
  12. Guardian Wi-Fi

    Cell phone is Verizon and Jeep uses ATT so I can make a call using cell coverage or WIFI call. Pay a year in advance saves 40 bucks.
  13. Hard Top and Soft Top Question

    Super easy to do with proper lift and a place to store it. Once you put soft top on you will go less and less to the hard top. Mine has been hanging over a year now
  14. GROUP-BUY Oracle Flush mount taillights

    Just sent DM is it closed?
  15. talk about repurposing a design...

    So if Google is right 30K. Is that a Rubicon or Sahara? I would think Indias roads would be HD Toyota territory so might have some decent running gear. Or a complete piece of junk. I wonder if they are going for Mahindras line of the Willys jeep? Its a cool but not cool rip off. Possibly FJ...