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  1. Quick Rubicon (stock) tire opinion.

    Watched the poll. Flipped a biased coin, and bought 4x on the 285s. Saved on a spare and kept it currently stock.
  2. Quick Rubicon (stock) tire opinion.

    This is still for ATs. At the 24k mark the humming starts usually with the heavy concrete highway use in CA. Even with 3k rotations, big block tires are just noisy, even without the standard MT hum.
  3. Quick Rubicon (stock) tire opinion.

    I am waffling between LT285/70R17/C and LT315/70R17/C. My current set is terribly worn down after 36k miles and hums horrifically at highway speeds. Should I go bigger, since the Rubicon allows the size, or stay the same. I only overland, never crawl - and the majority of miles is just highway...
  4. White Knuckle Rock Sliders for the JLUR

    I never followed up. Sliders dipped in priority ATM. I’d hit up their site and contact someone to see if we can close out this query. I’m still curious about it.
  5. All Electric Jeep Wrangler BEV Concept to be Revealed at Easter Jeep Safari!

    This brings up another common EV advantage, which is operational cost. Cost to charge + actual maintenance costs are insanely low. Of course we don't trust FCA, so electrical reliability might be a sinker, but in general an EV doesn't cost anything to operate other than the initial cost...
  6. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    Honda Elements are highly sought after here in California. It's the poor man's reliable utility and home-van
  7. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    I still think Jeep needs a true halo vehicle. The Rubicon trim is pretty much identical to the Sahara in many ways. Sure - Jeep could make a stripped down Rubicon, but they don't want to give away the cow. I say the Rubicon needs to either go back to the intent, or they have a new trim which is...
  8. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    First thing I bought was rubber everything. My vehicle goes to the beach and the mountains very often. Within two trips there is sand everywhere, especially in the back where the tie down rails are. It’s a miserable vacuuming experiences. If I could just use a hand broom, it’d save me an hour...
  9. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    I’m onboard with this. The whole reason I bought a rubicon is to get diffs, axles, the usual stuff. But what I really want is to have less forced creature comforts, and things that are too expensive at the trim level. Using the Defender as an example, they have these cool patches to protect...
  10. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    There's a massive market for these "retro" and resto-mods out there for the Internationals, all these old Defenders, TJs. All these vehicles are 150k plus though. I think that Jeep can create something that chases this group of people and make the safe profit.
  11. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    The aftermarket has a pretty solid handle on the exterior, but's the interior I am concerned with. Basically as rough and retro as what a Toyota 76 delivers in Australia and the 3rd world markets. I mean, sure the leather trimmed stuff is cool, but when I conjure up an image of the Rubicon - I...
  12. Jeep TRUE off-road ruggedized version (base)

    When is Jeep finally going to go backwards in time and make the Jeep far more utilitarian? Things such as: Rubberized flooring. Abrasion resistant, non-leather seats. A real rack mounting system for the hard top. 35" tires Durable stock Rubicon rims. Real mount points inside around the...
  13. Jeep Is Installing Solar Chargers at Moab And Rubicon Trail For New Hybrid Wrangler 4xe

    I am thinking they are prepping for the true EV debut.
  14. Stolen 2020 JLUD

    This whole thread has gone haywire, move further non-sensical comments to politics.
  15. Stolen 2020 JLUD

    Just to be clear, you guys are arguing over the wrong thing. Portland Place is basically an original HOA before they were popularized (late 1800’s) The street, and gate is private property to that community. Everyone was trespassing, albeit peacefully. There was no “mob”, but theguy did have the...
  16. It's a Jeep thing - timing chain failure on 2020 JLU, 4600km

    There is always Lemon Law. This is a pretty catastrophic failure early on. Usually people use lemon law for persistent problems that the dealer can’t fix.
  17. Cancelled upgrades

    So I did a survey a few months ago. Jeep was asking about “branding” for the radio, so they are working on something, but my guess is 2022. I just don’t want to get into the habit of upgrading my vehicle like a phone because next years model has 40% better options.
  18. Cancelled upgrades

    I don’t want regurgitate other threads on the same subject, but FCA forcing me to buy a Rubicon trim to get a subset of the features is where Ford diverged. I want the Rubicon capability without having to buy Dana 44s, transfer case etc. I want my Rubicon to be more utilitarian, and not a...
  19. Cancelled upgrades

    Just to be clear, I am not interested in the Bronco, but the change in lineup as Jeep’s response. If suddenly I can get factory rims, 35”, fox shocks and a V8 for 10k more, that’s my budget right there, but with more content. I want to benefit financially from Ford’s war with Jeep.