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  1. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Hey all, Figured I'd let you all know. New 2022 models are on the Jeep website. A new silver color just showed up called "Zenith Silver" and it's a clear coat, not metallic. We are now owners of super special METALIC silver jeeps. 😂
  2. Rubicon Suspension on JLU Sport Question

    I saw your post and figured I should make a post. Here’s what yours will look like for reference. This is my JLU sport with a takeoff rubicon lift I purchased from this forum. before: after: after with 285/70/17 tires: if you have any questions, I got you. Not all rubicon shocks and...
  3. I'm thinking of trading to a Bronco

    The reason it drives like that is because it has 2 solid axles. Axles that will make you extremely capable off-road. You seem like the kind of person that should of never got a Jeep in the first place. You need to know what you’re getting into. you probably should go get a bronco, but something...
  4. Pics of JL with 33s and Rubicon Suspension?

    Here’s my 2021 with rubicon takeoff from a recon, so the best springs and shocks that give the most lift. I think I got 2 inch or more. Make sure you look at part numbers because not all rubi takeoffs are created equal. Some offer more lift if they have the tow package etc. so go for a rubicon...

    I have the manual and can confirm it’s very fast. Lots of high end torque. After 2500rpms it’s a rocket ship.

    Lol. Bring back the 2 door extra long wrangler.

    Yeah, I’m the one with the 4 door struggling to find out if it’s better damage control to go just 2 front doors off, or all 4. But honestly it looks awkward either way so you gotta just embrace it. But with tube doors it looks much better.
  8. No one will admit it, but here goes.....

    Same for where I’m from. Thankfully I’m military and was able to use a military car buying program and got my base JLU sport manual trans for a decent price. It’s had a few things done to it since then, full rubicon takeoff suspension, 33inch KO2s, roof rack etc

    The bronco still looks retarded with the doors and roof off. Am I the only one that thinks it looks like if you took the doors off a mini van or normal suv. Just looks like an after thought so it can grab some of the Jeep market share and appeal to Jeepers. If the body was more square and less...
  10. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    I couldn’t agree more. I like the look of your Jeep too. The white with the black is such a clean look.
  11. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Thank you! I was on the fence about 33 or 35s, happy I went with 33s. It fits the fenders well with the rubicon lift.
  12. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Hardtop replaced. Came as a shell without windows, they transfer the windows and a new window. The 2 freedom panels weren’t changed.
  13. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Hey Ya’ll, I haven’t been able to come on the forum lately, been busy getting settled into Washington St. and I was out on a trail the day after the Jeep was back from the shop. All repairs are finished and it’s looking good as new, I’ll post pics below. Since picking up the Jeep, I added...
  14. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    This is great! I haven’t been out to the cascade yet, but me and a few coworker are planning a Jeep and 4Runner trip up there very soon. We just got done doing a trail that starts in Mt. Vernon and comes out near Concrete. I’m interested in going east like you mentioned. I would like to do an...
  15. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    I will be checking this one out for sure. Since moving up here I’ve been going out every weekend and finding new spots.
  16. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Insurance is Progressive and overall a great experience.
  17. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    Thank you and it’s my pleasure to serve. I moved out here a month ago and I’m stationed on NAS Whidbey Island. Unfortunately I dropped the Jeep off at the shop the week I arrived, so it’s been a month of no exploration. I’m excited to get it back and try some of the local trails including Mt...
  18. I Got Some Bad Trail Wounds

    I learned my lesson and got a trail badge to always remember. 😂