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  1. California Bright white rubicon fenders with leds socal

    I have set of 4 painted rubicon fenders flares with inner fenders and leds Located in socal $600 If interested please text at 9494121521
  2. JL (2DR) Add off-road half doors SoCal 1400

    TTT. please text me if interested
  3. JL (2DR) Add off-road half doors SoCal 1400

    Laguna niguel
  4. JL (2DR) Add off-road half doors SoCal 1400

    I have a set of add off-road half doors. These are 2700 msrp. Willing to sell for 1400.willing to trade for rubicon parts as well Located in SoCal 9494121521
  5. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    You are not supposed to be making sense here. I agree with all the above. The recent discounts place the car where it needs to be. Comparing msrp to msrp however the truck has ways to go before it can be Considered a value buy compared to the raptor but then again same with the jlur. The last...
  6. The Jeep Gladiator is Struggling

    Gladiator sport is ugly in stock form. My sport jlu was very ugly the day I got it as well. Wrangler are way overpriced for what they are and so are the gladiators. Every argument against the gladiator can be easily made against a wrangler if you think rationally.
  7. California SOLD Wrangler jl rubicon white fenders with leds socal $600

    Hi, As the title says I have a set of Wrangler jl rubicon with leds in white color. Located in SoCal Local pick up only. $600
  8. Non-LED to LED Fender Light Question

    How about this.. connecting the amber side marks on the led fenders to the turn signal so they can function as such and connecting the original side mark wiring to the DRL. I dont think you will get a dash error this way
  9. Factory LED Package DRL/Turn Signals- AWOL Part Numbers - Fighting with Dealership

    I’m referring to the white 5 pin connector
  10. Factory LED Package DRL/Turn Signals- AWOL Part Numbers - Fighting with Dealership

    Outstanding. Do you happen to have the pn for this part?
  11. California Front turn signals LED

    Do you happen to have the wiring harness pn? I have the leds without the harness. Your help is greatly appreciated
  12. California Front turn signals LED

    Hi where are you located. I’m in SoCal
  13. California Uconnect 7”

    if available please text me at 9494121521
  14. California Wrangler jl rubicon plastic fenders with LED drl $550 SoCal

    Local pick up only Please text me at 9494121521 if interested Thanks John
  15. California Premium twil softop SoCal $1500

    Per title, I have the premium twil softop for sale located in SoCal Orange County Text me if interested 949-412-1521
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Search the forum. There is a thread regarding the red seatbelts. I think the place was called seatbelt restore or something like that. Have to take your seatbelts out and have them change the webbing
  17. Safari top is one of my favorite new features!

    I love the look besides the wrinkle on the top