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  1. Ohio beginner trails

    stock JL Sahara with the AT’s and LSD with the 6 speed manual. There’s plenty of beginner trails (as that’s really all I’m fitted to do currently). Though mine isn’t my daily between the forums and NEO 4x4 on Facebook there’s always something going on. Meetups, other parks adventures when SOR...
  2. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    The recall is just paperwork. Got mine today
  3. Ohio FS or Trade Steel Bumper off 2019 MOAB Edition (Sold)

    Perfect when the new one comes in let me know!
  4. Ohio FS or Trade Steel Bumper off 2019 MOAB Edition (Sold)

    Still in for it. Do you still have the outside pieces?
  5. New to jeeping: tires, wheels, lifts and tops

    If I remember correctly 17" is the lowest rim size you can do on a JL because of the stock calipers?
  6. California 19 JLUR 4DR TAKEOFFS-5OEM Wheels,Rock Rails, Premium Suspension

    that’s a STEAL of a deal! Sad I don’t live closer!
  7. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    I want the green ones! I’m always walking around the back and clicking them in!
  8. Ohio FS or Trade Steel Bumper off 2019 MOAB Edition (Sold)

    you’re right up the street. Lake county, mentor.
  9. Ohio FS or Trade Steel Bumper off 2019 MOAB Edition (Sold)

    I’m in! Where in Ohio are you!? Pictures please!!!!
  10. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    That was the side I was able to get a little “wonky” easily when I was testing how it would warrant a “recall”
  11. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    What it sounds like is basically the “instructions” on how to install the window. I played with my soft top the other day and the rear quarters can look installed but aren’t seated in the top bracket properly, yet they’ll still fit in the lower clip. basically FCA issuing an ID 10 T addendum.
  12. Jeeping Oahu - Transport Journal

    This thread has made me smile in the gloomy days we’ve had lately. The screen shots and watching your new Jeep travel the country. I’m excited FOR you. Awesome thread!
  13. Texas SOLD: JL Steel Bumpers For Sale (Will Sell Front Separately)

    I’m afraid to ask what shipping to Ohio would be....
  14. West Virginia SmittyBilt XRC Gen 2 Front Bumper 425$

    There is a JK sale section. Might try to post there
  15. Ohio beginner trails

    Missing 1 as I went to trade in the Jeep and had the detailer take them off. Was able to get 2/3 (lower driver side)
  16. New York 4 Door JLU 2020 Rubicon Rock Rails Mint $50

    My cousin lives in Suffolk and works in Nassau at Sands Point, can I have him grab these?
  17. OH!.......?? Any Bucks!

    Cleveland east sider!
  18. JLU and JL Interactive Pricing Worksheets Updated for 2019! 1-8% below invoice pricing added.

    I think I did this right. They showed "paperwork" for 38,300 as "dealer discount" but the overall numbers seem to match. Only difference was the $35 cargo tub liner. This is a 2018 vs 2019 since the worksheet was updated.