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  1. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I should be getting my winch back today, 6/4, according to the FedEx tracking number. Quadratec had it since 5/11 so it is about 3 1/2 weeks at this point.
  2. Warn Stealth 12,000 LB - Factory Steel Bumper

    I have the same winch on my Rubicon and used the Rugged Ridge 11543.16 mounting plate for the steel bumper. The Warn one should work as well. I would also suggest that you get a solenoid to isolate the winch...
  3. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    Does anyone have an official statement from Jeep or a notice that can be pointed to in order to help correct this? My dealership doesn't believe me even after I showed them the owners manual said 5 qts along with a dipstick with oil above the fill line on the cable itself. They refuse to look...
  4. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I will also follow up after a week with the hardtop on and the bolts back in place. I have not heard the noise at all and am so glad for that. I will definitively be putting the bolt back with a washer when I switch to the soft top next spring to hopefully eliminate the noise when the soft top...
  5. Windshield tie downs. Where are they!?

    Same here. I had the windshield down twice with the hooks and haven't had a problem. It's very easy to setup and is fun for the novelty factor. When putting it back, it's easy too and the rubber gaskets seat just fine.
  6. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I think I have solved my problem but I don't know if it will work for everyone. I verified that the noise is coming from the top of the B pillar after I removed all of the soft top frames and some of the plastic around that area. It has been getting cold around here so I decided to switch the...
  7. Windshield tie downs. Where are they!?

    Here you go. They are fun to play with and do a good job holding the windshield down.
  8. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I don't know about anyone else but I think the cold weather has made this worse over the last few days. I feel like it has become a little louder and more frequent now.
  9. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    I completely understand your safety concern and that should be primary for any fix as this area has to be structurally sound. I tried having my dealer address the noise but all they wanted to do was replace the plastic trim around the rollbar. Alternatively, do you think there is any way to...
  10. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    It's ironic that my noise started right around when I swapped out the hardtop for the soft top. I removed the bolt that held the hardtop on and never put it back until seeing some posts about that being the potential source of the noise. I wonder if the bolt was out long enough for things to...
  11. Off Road Pages Update Status...

    I guess I should count myself pretty lucky because I'm not having any issues with the update so far. My JL was built in the April timeframe and delivered in early May and I received the Off Road Pages update on Monday of this week. All of the pages and items work well but I did notice the fact...
  12. How much money have you wasted so far?

    This will probably be painful but let's see... JLUR - priceless Paid Tracking Service - $20 (thank you @JLWF Dealer Guy) Rubber Cargo Tub Liner - $29 Rubber Cargo Mat - $104 Hitch Plug - $10 (ordered before I took delivery and realized the Jeep came with one) Stainless Sill Guards - $118...
  13. Windshield tie downs. Where are they!?

    Randomly asked a dealer if they had any in stock and saw that they were able to be ordered. They came in 3 days later. I am going to try them out tonight. They listed for $29 but gave me a discount at $26.10.
  14. Soft top window storage

    Here you go.
  15. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    I've gotten used to it and don't mind it in most scenarios. I have a 6 speed which I think gives me more control over it but as long as I don't have the A/C blasting, it functions rather well. If I get stuck in stop and go traffic, I just push the button to turn it off. No big deal at all.
  16. Rubicon Splash Guards

    I just took the rock rails off and fitted the standard sidesteps which mitigate 95% of the rocks that the tires kick up. I did keep the rock rails and would be interested in swapping them back in if some flaps or guards were available.
  17. Bonus Drive Checks

    Applied in May for my $250 check and got it yesterday.
  18. Mopar All Weather Floor Mats Drain Sealing

    Looks awesome. I think I will try this out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  19. Soft top Owners—where do you keep your windows?

    I try to leave them in the garage why when possible. If I take them with me, I fold the rear seat down and put some towels down and lay all 3 windows flat in the back. They will not fly out.
  20. Premium Softtop Rear Window Issue

    The flaps on my JLUR also come undone after a little driving but so far, I have not had any water problems. I also have a noticeable gap between both side windows and the rear window which you can see in the pictures below. Even with this, I have been watertight though I always worry.