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  1. Rained all on the inside of my Jeep :-(

    I was going to ask who has pulled the carpet and used a bedliner. Seems like the only reason to have the carpet is to reduce noise and provide a little insulation. Then you end up putting all-weather rubber mats on top of that to protect the carpet. Why not just skip both and put some...
  2. 3rd brake light for JLU

    I just ordered the two Delta spare lug lights. Will have them on Wednesday. Just one opinion, but I am not a fan of the full ring lights. It could be because I have only seen it on a jeep in my parking ramp that looks like a rolling aftermarket bling catalog, but I wanted something more...
  3. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    Has to work at highway speed, IMO. Essentially all we need is a sheet of roofing rubber type material with like a dozen grommets and you stretch it over posts on the windshield and roll bar perimeter. But professionally made so it doesn't look like a rolling shanty town.
  4. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    How is this not a thing? I assumed there would be a million options here. I want to keep the top and doors off but have something equivalent of the alien sunshade that is water-resistant. I don't care if water drips around the edges a little, not trying to drive through a monsoon in a Tom...
  5. Need Help with the Maximus-3 Roof Rack Install

    FWIW - I drilled a hole with a small hole saw bit through the soundbar on both sides directly under the bolt for the front brackets. Now instead of trying to disconnect the two bolts where the brackets join, I leave those connected and just remove the single bolt that connects to the cross bar...
  6. Minnesota Maximus 3 Long Platform Roof Rack with rails and ladder

    Strongly considering selling my Maximus 3 / Rhino Rack JLU Roof Rack. It is the long platform with side rails only and ladder. Local pickup, if you have a like new condition hard top, we can just swap them over and save yourself a pain in the arse assembly process (putting the roof rack...
  7. snow plow options for JLU

    Perfect, thank you. It looks like their mount (as well as the Boss mount) are both double pin frame mounts and not front receiver mounts (which I just don't think are going to be strong enough for the drifts I may have to hit from time to time).
  8. snow plow options for JLU

    Bumping this back up in case other people have since figured out options. I have a farm that needs the long driveway cleared a dozen or so times a year and having an option that I can pop on when I am down there would be great. Based on the length of the drive and drifting snow, I am guessing...
  9. Do you worry about D Ring bolts vibrating out?

    For those of you that drive with d rings on your recovery points do you do anything to secure the bolt/pin from vibrating lose? I just got a hitch with a d ring shackle and was planning on leaving it in all the time but was thinking if the threaded bolt in the shackle vibrated out on the...
  10. FS: 4 20inch Black Rhino Mozambique with 275/55/20 in Minneapolis

    Hey sorry, they are sold. Will update the post.
  11. Auto collapse or trim quotes?

    Would be great if quotes were trimmed after 100 characters or so with either a “view more” or a link to the original post. With the portrait iPad layout issues quotes can get so tall. Otherwise edit the block quote style so it is the full width of the column. Ultimately there is just way...
  12. Watches

    What are your favorite wristwatches??? I have a small collection of nice mechanical watches, but really enjoy these Casio G Shocks as well. Love the ruggedness and tech crammed into them. Let’s see some of your favorites!
  13. Steel Bumpers Or No Steel Bumpers?

    I am talking about a low speed collision that would have caused pretty much zero damage to either car. But because of a bull bar and steel d ring mounts it caused expensive damage to the other car - which I will pay for since I rear ended them. That is the kind of situation I am most likely to...
  14. Steel Bumpers Or No Steel Bumpers?

    Respectfully I disagree. As long as you make bumper to bumper contact, which is not a guarantee with a Jeep, a passenger vehicle with a plastic bumper is generally good for a 5mph impact without deforming. I have the license plate screw imprints from another car on the back bumper of my M4 to...
  15. Steel Bumpers Or No Steel Bumpers?

    This is actually one of the reasons I am hesitant to put a steel aftermarket bumper on. I have never rear ended anyone but I commute in pretty congested city traffic. A 5mph collision with the factory bumper probably just means some pdr or rubbing compound for the other car. A steel bumper...
  16. Holy... Dual Rigid Side Shooter Spots on A-Pillar

    You have all four mounted to Aux 3? Or did you just do two? My fuse blew when I had all 4 on Aux 3.
  17. Mounted KC Flex in stock Rubi air dam

    After spending some time on a dusty road I realized the a pillar mounted spots are going to have too much back scatter in a snowfall. I wanted some supplemental light that would be good in a whiteout, ideally lights I could use on the roads with oncoming traffic. Long story short, this is...
  18. JL Rubicon 35's on stock rims?

    Interesting. I see you have the other Rubi wheels than me. I wonder if they have a different offset? Or maybe I have a factory freak :) There was definitely no getting mine on snug at the hub without the spacer and bump stop mod.
  19. JL Rubicon 35's on stock rims?

    Weird. You are on the stock Rubicon rims? I wonder if your M/T tires might be a little more narrow than the BFGs?