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  1. Mud Flaps compatible with 4xe?

    Really? I had no idea. Oh, wait, yes I did because I'm not an idiot. I was simply advising caution as it is not clear if they would fit on a Rubicon either. The 4xe (in all trims) has many different parts from their ICE counter parts even in places that you wouldn't think would be different...
  2. Mud Flaps compatible with 4xe?

    They do not fit the Sahara trim. As OP noted, the rear fender is wider. I bought them and had to return them.
  3. Lost backup camera guide lines

    it seems to be going out to everyone. I never opened a case or reported the issue to a dealer (I didn't want them screwing around with it) but I ended up getting the update yesterday. Several other people on Facebook groups have also reported getting the update without ever reporting the...
  4. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Added some Rubicon take-off wheels/tires and some Trail doors and then finally got a chance to get off road.
  5. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Check eBay. That’s where I got mine and they were cheaper than going through a dealer plus they had free shipping.
  6. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    The contrast does look good, but how do you keep them from fading? I see so many Jeeps that aren't that old with grey/white spots and discoloration all over the black parts. It looks good off of the lot but will it look good in 2 years? I'd go with the painted flairs so it still looks good...
  7. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    It's the only vehicle I've ever owned that I have people (of both genders) specifically compliment the color. It's no pink or purple (and looks way better in person than it does on Jeep's web site).
  8. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    I had the same thing happen. Drove it that way for 3 weeks waiting for the dealer to get me in to assess. Light went off the night before the appointment but it took it in anyway. They said the code was from an EVAP leak but could not reproduce any issue with a smoke test. It’s been a month and...
  9. Build your own door holder - DIY instructions

    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
  10. 4xe engine miles v electric miles

    I hope your wrong (but I won't be surprised at all if you are correct). I haven't reset my Trip B specifically to keep track of this. I'm getting very close to 99 hours so I'll find out soon.
  11. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    So I finally have an appointment tomorrow to get my CEL looked at and after the light being on constantly for 17 days, it’s not on today. Do I still get it looked at? The last thing I want to do is have the dealer tearing apart my car and “fixing” things when they aren’t even sure what’s wrong...
  12. Has anyone broken their gutters with their roof rack?

    Every car I ever remember having had a 100 lb weight limit on the roof rack. I think it’s more about keeping the center of gravity down to prevent rollovers than it is about the structural integrity of the vehicle. That said, I have wondered what the actual limit would be with on a Wrangler with...
  13. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    I'd be glad to, but I don't know how to do that. Can you enlighten me on that process.
  14. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    That’s the thing though. This tread has shown that several things that “obviously” should fit don’t. One guy mentioned changing the wheel carrier only to find out there’s a speaker hidden in there. I don’t think any of us would have expected that to be an issue. So if that is different, what...
  15. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Mopar 82215367. No modifications were needed.
  16. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Mopar bug and stone guard fits (very easy to install as well)
  17. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Yes, contortion and patience for sure. Definitely could use bolts that are about a 1/4 inch longer. I actually had it in the middle spot at first and it was too far away, so I got the joy of installing it twice. For anyone else who cares to install this, I'm 5'10" tall and sit with my drivers...
  18. SNAZZBERRY Wrangler JL Club

    Sadly I can confirm it does not 😄. I wash mine and by the time I get it in the garage, it is covered in pollen. Love the color (and I don’t mind the look of a dirty Jeep), but it would be nice if it actually looked clean for more than 5 minutes after I wash it.
  19. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue (CEL)

    Unfortunately, I have joined this club. 6 weeks in and the CEL came on today at just over 1400 miles. Tried to make service appointment but so far have not heard back from the dealer. Checked the gas cap but no change. I had already read about the loose fuses issues weeks ago and checked them...
  20. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    I’ve been looking too and it doesn’t seem that anyone has made one yet. The closest I’ve found is Weathertech has one listed as “coming soon” and you can sign up for updates. Other than that, I think you’re stuck either modifying one for a regular JLU or buying the “universal” kind that you trim...