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  1. New Steps/Running Boards

    Check these out! Magnum steps/running boards from Quadratech. Were pretty simple to install, only took couple hours Gives my Jeep a cool look! I have lights that I still need to install that will hook up to when doors open and maybe a switch I can turn on manually. If I want I can add colored...
  2. New Jeep owners

    Need to start a new club, old mans jeep club, or middle age Jeep club! Again, better than getting a Corvette or Lamborghini. Sorry to those who do own one. Jeeps are more fun! Stay safe and healthy!!
  3. New Jeep owners

    Haha! Got my first Jeep, 4 months ago, at 56 as a second car. My wife and her girlfriends called it my midlife crisis! At least I didn’t get a Corvette! Love that Jeep on the weekends!

    Looks great! Hopefully it takes your mind off the crazy world we are living in right now. Enjoy it, be safe and be healthy!!

    Found them! Quadratech under Consoles, Security &Storage. A few different choices but they have those exact bags!

    Yes I would like to know as well, looks like a good place to put stuff when tops and doors are off!
  7. New Rear Bumper

    I just installed the LOD license plate holder and it looks great! As I mentioned before, this was strictly for a LOD steel bumper and came with a bracket that bolts to a LOD bumper. However as I read from a review on this product someone simply attached it directly to the top of their steel...

    Love our Granite Crystal Metallic 2020 JL! Glad to be part of the club, even my son and daughter in law joined right after us with their 2019
  9. New Rear Bumper

    Added the D-rings on the new rear bumper, and like how the bumper matches those rear tube doors! Ready for a nice drive in the South Florida sunshine! Hey, everyone please be safe out there! Lots of craziness right now! Stay Healthy!!
  10. New Rear Bumper

    Sorry to hear about harness, what happened? If you are going from plastic OE bumper to aftermarket steel bumper did you order sensor bezels and retainers? If you need that info I can supply? Good luck!
  11. New Rear Bumper

    I meant to mention to anyone who has a JL with stock plastic rear bumper and park sensors that they want to relocate into a aftermarket steel bumper, there are a few inexpensive parts you will need to buy to install the sensors in the steel bumper. I would be glad to share what I bought and how...
  12. New Rear Bumper

    Good looking bumper! I see it’s got a trailer hitch and electrical hook up for trailer. Assume that hitch is made for towing? Just a note on the hitch on my Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 bumper. The hitch on mine is part of the bumper, not directly attached to frame, and manual says it’s not made for...
  13. New Rear Bumper

    I’m not crazy about the spare tire plate position either. I have not done the wiring yet. I am going to order the LOD JLP1801 plate relocation bracket. It is a under the drivers side taillight position but specific to the LOD steel bumper, which I don’t have. However in reading the reviews...
  14. New Rear Bumper

    The rear bumper (Smittybilt Gen 2) came with the bracket/light to mount plate on spare. You will have to add wire and unless I’m missing something I will need to put a quick disconnect up by the bracket as you can’t remove the spare without disconnecting the light wire? I have not yet run wire...
  15. New Rear Bumper

    Front bumper was one of my first upgrades but I let local aftermarket co install that, with lights and all, didn’t want to take all that on myself.
  16. New Rear Bumper

    Just installed my Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 rear bumper. Took my time, had to move parking sensors from OE bumper to steel bumper, so a good 4 hours, but good therapy from work! Installation went fine. Good instructions. Damn that bumper is heavy as compared to OE bumper Just not sure about license...
  17. Jeep Dog pics

    That’s Awesome!!