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  1. Terrible Radio Reception

    Had it back at the dealership Friday, was told a software fix was released, we will see if it fixed it.
  2. Terrible Radio Reception

    I have not taken it in yet, however, when it happened again over the weekend (issue is intermittent) I changed to AM radio and back to FM and it started working. My issue was the volume going up and down as if it is bouncing between HD and non-HD signal. I will try it the next few times it...
  3. Terrible Radio Reception

    Issue has returned, PM sent. Issue has returned, PM sent.
  4. Terrible Radio Reception

    Update...I have not heard the issue arise again, however, my wife was driving it on Saturday and said it is not fixed. Back to the drawing board...once I hear it for myself :-)
  5. Terrible Radio Reception

    So I took it to the dealer.... It's only been 24 hours, but so far so good. Here is what they did.
  6. Terrible Radio Reception

    Has anyone found a solution to the FM radio reception issues? I've had enough, taking it in soon. I did my best to check the antenna connection under the glove box and kick plate. I don't see any bad connections. Has anyone had this fixed by the dealer?
  7. Dual Top Owners - When do you switch to Soft Top?

    1. Probably a warm day in April...I wouldn't recommend doing below 70 out if it is your first time putting the soft top on. I struggled for an hour trying to get the front latches. Next day, let it sit in the sun for a couple hours, it reached and I felt fortunate the sun was out. 2. For the...
  8. What options are worth it?

    I don't think you ever mentioned, hard top or soft top or both? Warm climate or not, I'd like to switch up the top, its like getting a new jeep! I went with the mid-level screen and kinda wish I had gone with the largest one. I agree with nearly all of your options, excellent choices and...
  9. Safari top is one of my favorite new features!

    I love having all of the soft windows out, my favorite way to roll. I would remove the doors, but with smaller kids, I worry about safety. Honestly, I think this new soft top is my favorite improvement over the JK.
  10. A couple soft top questions

    I have seen that video, it just seems like the rear door surrounds are about 1/4" too short. I don't see how it would be possible to install them incorrectly. Also, yes, I was referring to the tailgate bar in the 1st response.
  11. A couple soft top questions

    Last weekend I removed the hard top and happily installed the soft top for summer. 1. In regards to the soft top rear window, do you normally leave the window attached the cross bar and just drape the window back into the cargo area of the jeep? I had worried that it would blow out so I ended...
  12. Trade value of a JLUR?

    Wow, I thought for sure someone on this forum was going to buy the JL off of you...good read on this thread :like: Glad to hear it worked out for you.
  13. Told by Dealer that Rubicon JL already has 2inch lift so MOPAR won't change height...

    I believe it is a JL specific lift...I would ask him to pull up the mopar catalogue and you can show him. Or ask to speak to a manager because he is embarrassing himself :cwl:
  14. Getting a response from Jeep dealers

    I have had success with Costco auto with my last 2 purchases...also, I was able to utilize supplier pricing in conjunction with the Costco rate ($500 off?)....
  15. Terrible Radio Reception

    This is the link I used to open the ticket, they responded same day...
  16. Terrible Radio Reception

    I think they also told me to put a quarter in my right pocket and to start the vehicle with my left hand :cwl:
  17. Terrible Radio Reception

    Yesterday, I opened a support request with uconnect and they gave me the following far so good, but the issue was a bit intermittent. I really wish I would have waited for a time when it was happening, then perform the soft reset. Pretty unorthodox way to do a soft reset on...
  18. Terrible Radio Reception

    I have the same seems to improve a bit after driving. But every vehicle I have has never had an issue with radio reception. The XM works fine, but the FM seems to get loud, then quiet over and over. The antenna is tight and I will check behind the glove box tonight to look for...
  19. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    Their is a way, if you know what your doing...
  20. Jeep humor waiting room ( ** NO POLITICS ** )

    I love those wheels, totally worthwhile upgrade! They do resemble the stock Sahara ones, but I like sport more.