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  1. My JLU Sport order was hijacked by FCA

    Now im worried because my order doest say sold to: (my name) it says sold to:(dealers name), and ive heard that its should have your name on it .. i hope thay does happen to me as my order is the only fully loaded rubi that they have ordered which means more eyes towards my rubi for training
  2. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    Lol im about to call my dealer and ask why i kinda wanted my name on the window sticker to and save it idk why i feel its cool.
  3. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    So where it says sold to yours says custom built for:?
  4. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    I dont think mine will, it says sold to: (dealer name) .. is that what others have to?
  5. Alexa...start the Wrangler.

    Its all a uconnect update thats really it .. should be on all models with the 8.4c
  6. Painting the Cowl

    Ive been reading this thread trying to figure out what cowl is just so i dont have to ask and look dumb but i give up lol.. so what is this thing
  7. The Elusive Golden Ticket

    You guys think we can go to the dealer and redeem the code towards the down payment since all of us gave in sonething for the factory order .. or maybe we can tell them to use it towards something and just credit to us when we get our jls.. unless there system requires them all jl info (vin...
  8. JL 4H Auto found on Rubicon

    Yeah that part i know thats why i would like 4H auto but if it affects the ratio then idk
  9. JL 4H Auto found on Rubicon

    What does braking have to do with a tranfercase ..
  10. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    Btw cool effect on that link lol... now i have more reading to do.. its kind of making me never want to put it on 4H knowing that it can danage if terrain aint really bad (how bad is the question).. Lets just say someone get selec trac on the sahara the fact that the 4auto is computerized can...
  11. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    So the fact that it doesnt adjust what makes it damage the tcase
  12. Makes NO Sense to Buy Anything other than a Rubicon

    Im still learning but why cant you keep it in 4hi without it damaging anything i do understand the 4low situation.. as per rock-trac its 50/50 front rear and it adjusts .. Am i wrong?
  13. Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    Wow i really thought it was a button so for those who didnt order the proximity group they wont have that sensor on the door. Question they all do have the keyless and go because of the push button but lets just say one day the sensor goes out or even the battery or get the remote wet idk.. how...
  14. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    My dealer charged me 299 doc fees.. and even with the koons fee its still i bigger savings maybe not as advertized but still something and my question is how are they not taking a lost
  15. Confirmed JL Dealership Arrivals

    So how is koons able to do it..
  16. Best NYC Area Dealers

    What do you mean by october production.. you mean thats when u ordered the jeep with westbury
  17. Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    So the handles wouldnt have that button
  18. Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    Thats why i waited (very hard to do) and made sure i get everything secured .. we are all probably gonna get deliveries at around the same month anyways i think ..