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  1. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Got these today - whenever the weather gets above painfully cold I’ll install - question: I have the aux switch, these would go to #3 right?

    2016 - absolute garbage - even my new dealer told me they privately and candidly would never ever recommend the FIAT engines to friends or family based on what they see come back.
  3. The Bubba Fett build

    love it!
  4. Gorilla Glass is now $495

    STAY AWAY!!!! my GG split and cracked at 1,200 miles because it was cold and i put on the defroster. Im getting it replaced next week free from warranty - but this only covers ONE replacement. I regret getting it, let alone for the $195 i paid last sept. - id pay another $195 to not have it.

    I DID!.... fiat 1.4T Jeep Renegade (same as ABARTH) lasted 64k miles ,,, in that time prior, transmission replaced @ 24k, Turbo @ 35k, engine + turbo replaced @ 64K, turbo leaked oil like a sieve at 64.5k - Carvana now owns it. never ever again with a Fiat turbo (especially on a 4x4)
  6. for those with the safety Packages....

    thanks everyone - i had a feeling it was something like what you all describe. Ive never had a car with all these features before - i got it mainly because this will be what my daughter eventually will drive and the insurance reduction - i could live without it but i actually really like the...
  7. for those with the safety Packages....

    question: I have both safety packages and yesterday there was a dense downfall of snow flurries and it popped up on my dash "Parking assist not available" and the forward collision icon came up with an X and !, Auto Cruise Control not available , and also said Serv 4x4. Is this due to the...
  8. NEWBIE GRANDMA can't shift AT ALL from 2H to 4H!! What the...??

    definitely hard to do the first time....i noticed the more i shift it the easier its getting...ill just shift in and out a bunch of times now and then at red lights....its getting much looser
  9. The great meaningless engine poll

    but its the same engine... even if 2.0 had a manual version would still be in the dust
  10. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    in the reference of a Wrangler 4x4 with oversized wheels - yes who the hell would think thats logical. If you have the sport with smaller wheels and use it on the street - thats where a 2.0 turbo will earn its keep based on gas milage and torque bragging. torque is completely relative to...
  11. The great meaningless engine poll

    the V6 combined ( 2 manual tabs and automatic ) is killing the turbo
  12. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    mine did at 64k....100k would have been nice
  13. The great meaningless engine poll

    may want to recheck that :)
  14. 3.6 vs 2.0 turbo?? Which is better??

    here is my opinion on this....and mind you my position on this response is after owning a FIAT designed small block turbo engine 4x4 Jeep.... If you intend on buying a sport model Wrangler with the smaller wheels/tires and use it 100% of the time on pavement doing commuting and occasionally...
  15. The great meaningless engine poll

    as you said theres no criteria for voting - and just because more people vote does not make it logical - hell thats why we have the electoral college LOL Yes i can work real hard and fast when i have 5 cups of coffee...but when that boost wears off....CRASH!
  16. The great meaningless engine poll

    FIAT designed small block Turbo engine for a 4x4 with oversided wheels - HARD pass!
  17. The great meaningless engine poll

    that means its almost in the lead overall if you total them!!! (as it should be....who the hell wants a turbo... .they sound cool until time to warm up oil temp in the winter and maintain all year long, buy premium gas, and are as attractive on resale as....well all the other 4 cylinder...
  18. 1,200 mile gift from Gorilla Glass

    @JeepCares i hope you see this thread
  19. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    the directions say to install them as i have them - not sure it would be smart to put them on the front panels or if it would be fine
  20. 1,200 mile gift from Gorilla Glass

    I have no chip - when it happened no one was in front of me on the road - they better not