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  1. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    No I cheaped out and covered my large dent with a hood guard that fit perfectly. I was getting prices around $2,800 for a full factory replacement so I said screw it
  2. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    Hey Kharland thanks for this post. I recently had a very minor accident and it seems that I have to buy a new hood. I was thinking about doing this conversion and just came across your post. I have seen that deal through genuine Mopar for the conversion kit...
  3. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    I pay an insane electric rate. This has helped me a lot. Even with 37s and a lift I can still average 25 mpg. But, I'm not charging as often as I would running the vehicle in hybrid mode. I was able to stretch my charging times out to every 2.5-3 days instead of daily. So for me even with high...
  4. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Installed the new slider tonight. So far, so good. Much quieter and smoother. Hopefully no electrical issues 🤞
  5. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    It's being delivered today actually. I'll need a few days to reinstall. I'm having more issues with electrical now. I've blown a fuse and sometimes have to go every day/other day to pull the fuse to reset the system due you the left that stops functioning. I'll keep you posted
  6. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I'm not really sure what it was specifically, but I have had a few issues with the electrical connection, banging while closing, then the ratcheting sound. It was getting a little jerky too. This is what they told me after we went back and forth multiple times
  7. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I received an email from RSE today. Both of us agreed that the slider should be replaced and they are sending me a replacement. Although I have had some problems, it is nice to see a company that stands behind their product like they do. I would suggest if people are having similar issues to...
  8. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    That would be great. Let me know how you make out. They will probably ask that you send a video to their support address
  9. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Just an update with my slider. The left one has now developed a strange noise along with the closing clanking. Sent the video to RSE today and they said they would have to have their engineers take a look at it 🤷 New noise 1 New noise 2 Last week:
  10. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Received the bump stops yesterday. Went to put them on and the slider wouldn't fully close. Contacted the company and they said they sent gen 2, not gen 3 size by accident. Have to wait for the next set to come in.
  11. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    Same here. I did have problem with my bolts. I couldn't get enough of a gap between the spacer and bolt for the bracket, so I was one of the lucky ones as per the instructions that had to file the first two threads on the bolt to get 2 of the 6 brackets to fit. It was a bitch, but all good, and...
  12. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I did. They recommended the next time it happens to do a hard reset by pulling out the main fuse by the battery and seeing if that fixes it. Of course I haven't had it do it again now since I called lol
  13. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    That sucks. Sorry to hear that. Are yours gen 3? I spoke with RSE about my issue and they are sending out bump stops. I will let everyone know how that goes and if it fixes the clanking sound
  14. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I was going to buy the stainless ones to match but everyone I spoke with said it wasn't needed. Stuck with the stock ones. You can't see them anyways. Also don't forget to use anti-seize
  15. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I swapped out all my bolts to stainless. Here is the link to what I used. I torque tested them and they didn't start budging till 30 foot pounds. They say serrated on the back but it is pretty much flat. Haven't had any issues. All torque down without a problem. M8-1.25 x 35mm Flanged Hex Head...
  16. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    Someone on the 4XE FB group. I tried looking, but can't find his name. Search the group's page
  17. Rock Slide Engineering Gen 3 Slider issues

    I just installed my Gen 3 RSE sliders this weekend. I've come across two problems and didn't know if anyone has had similar issues. First, I'm getting a loud banging when the passenger side closes. Almost like it's banging metal on metal. I installed the slider and didn't have the issue. It...
  18. Using true hybrid mode to maximize MPG of Jeep 4xe

    By driving in manual mode it changes how the vehicle operates. It will go from predominantly electric with gas assist to gas with electric assist. IMO it blends how the Jeep drives better between ice and electric, still provides plenty of power, and stretches out the battery run time longer. I...
  19. Show Me Your 4xe on 37s

    Mopar and 37 KO2 👍
  20. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    The funny thing is this is the passenger side. This light is undisturbed. The driver side I had to grind off a bunch to get it to fit in the steel bumper. Nothing with that one yet 🤞