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  1. New wheels

    Thanks again!!!!! Still loving them.
  2. New wheels

    offset is 1
  3. New wheels

    Fuel Vapors in tint.
  4. New wheels

    Well I added new wheels. They are 17x9 Fuel Vapors in tint. From board sponsor wheelsasap. Stayed with stock tires as I wanted to keep stock handling. I think the exterior is complete. Anyway, thoughts?
  5. JTopsUSA / J Tops - Anyone use?

    Just ordered one in black for my Bikini Pearl JLUR!!!
  6. Wisconsin Rain Gear cover SOLD SOLD

    I'll take this. Sending PM.
  7. Adding additional back up lights. . .

    I've read where some who tapped into the factory reverse lights had issues. . . .
  8. Adding additional back up lights. . .

    I do have the tow package. I was hoping someone had come out with a plug and play harness. . . . lol
  9. Adding additional back up lights. . .

    I know this has been discussed but I'm adding the Addictive Desert Designs rear bumper with RIGID back up lights. . . .what is the cleanest way to get power to them? I only want the lights to work when in reverse. . . .
  10. ADD rear bumper

    Any board sponsors carry ADD bumpers? Thinking of ordering the rear bumper to match my front one. Who has the best deal??
  11. Looking for a trail close to N. Mississippi

    Hey folks. So my anniversary is tomorrow and our weekend getaway was cancelled. I'm looking for a trail to go to within about 2 hours of N. Mississippi. I don't wand mud, simply pretty landscape. Just going for the afternoon and planning a picnic. . . . any info would be helpful!!!!!
  12. Any regrets getting a Bikini colored Wrangler?

    I'm a guy!!! This color made me think of the teal that was in the 80's!! I instantly loved it!! I don't regret the color at ALL!!!!!
  13. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    Any chance someone has these on a bikini pearl? Had them on my last jeep and loved them but wanted to see before if I could....
  14. Hard top storage

    I plan to take the hard top off this summer. Curious how you guys store yours. . . . . . . ideas??
  15. Wiring Harness

    Happy to help!!!
  16. Grips

    Ah, hadn't thought of that!!!! LOL
  17. Grips Anyone have these? Thoughts?
  18. Mississippi LED fog lights

    They are. I removed the factory bumper. I will send a pic when I get home.
  19. Mississippi LED fog lights

    $150 shipped. Includes harness. Replaced my bumper. My Jeep has 1100 miles. Can post pics of needed.
  20. The Aftermarket Bumper List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    Addictive Desert Designs and Rigid Industries RDS light bar. Man that thing is BRIGHT!!!