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  1. Virginia - Peters Mill Run / Taskers Gap trails reopening today
  2. Maryland Free: OEM Axle-back Exhaust from 2020 JLUR

    added pic to orig post
  3. Maryland Sold: Free: OEM Axle-back Exhaust from 2020 JLUR

    I replaced the OEM axle-back exhaust from my 2020 JLUR after only 50 miles, so this is brand new. I'm in Aldie, VA. Local pick-up only. Free
  4. Steel Bumper and a winch

    I just put on the Warn Evo VR 10S using the Rusty's winch plate this past weekend. The hardest part was getting the freakin bumper lined up *exactly* to get it back on. No issues at all with the actual install of the plate and winch.
  5. Maryland Sold: 2020 Rubicon Wheels, Tires with TPMS (36 miles)

    Selling the OEM wheels (standard 17x7.5" machined with black pockets), tires (BFG KO2 LT285/70/R17C OWL), including TPMS from my 2020 JL Unlimited Rubicon. Only delivery miles on them (36 miles on the mounted wheels, 0 on the spare) Located in Aldie, VA Local pick-up only. Asking $1,500
  6. Jeep Production Plant Closes Due to Coronavirus

    Mine is on the way to the dealer too...should be there in the next day or two
  7. Anyone else wrenching during quarantine?

    My new JLUR should arrive at the dealer in the next couple of days. Already bought everything I wanted to install, so I should keep pretty busy. Mopar Beadlock wheels / BFG KO2 35" tires Go Rhino Dominator D6 side steps Borla ATAK axle-back exhaust Rigid cube lights PIAA fog lights Warn Evo VR...
  8. Post your 2020 JL build status

    My JLUR moved to KZS status yesterday (ordered from Farrish Jeep in Fairfax, VA -- Spencer Colbert -- on 26 Feb)...shuold only be a matter of days until it gets to the dealer
  9. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    I used Farrish Jeep in Fairfax for a factory order on a 2020 JLUR. Order was placed on 27 Feb 20. I worked with Spencer Colbert and Frank Russell. Very responsive and professional guys. I got 8.25% below invoice. Still waiting for it to be built though.
  10. White Letters Out?

    another vote for the white letters out...
  11. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    I ordered a JLUR automatic from Farrish Jeep in Fairfax, VA (Spencer Colbert). 8.25% below invoice, 12.7% below MSRP. I had worked with Criswell Jeep in Gaithersburg, MD as well (quoted 8% below invoice), but to get that 8% would have to use their financing which was a dealbreaker for me.
  12. Unable to order a manual transmission

    I decided not to wait and ordered the automatic...with traffic in my area it will be easier to deal with least that's what i keep telling myself