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  1. Michigan Sold: MOPAR Molle Bags - $75 Brand New

    For sale the set of three Jeep Molle bags that attach to the back of the Rubicon seats or the tailgate of any model. They were $125 new and I am selling for $75. Barely used - no wear they look brand new Located in Rochester, MI
  2. Michigan Sold: MAXIMUS 3 Stinger $75

    Maximus 3 Stinger used for 6 months. No rust or imperfections. $75 in Rochester, MI. Over $300 brand new
  3. JL (2DR) Sold: JL MOPAR slush mats brand new $75

    Brand new Black JL MOPAR all weather slush mats. Used one day - brand new Located in Metro Detroit area (Rochester) . $75 or best offer
  4. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    I went ahead and cut it off and bought the Borla S type climber... wow what a difference! Quality fit, finish, sound and NO DRONE! I feel so bad for ever switching from them in the first place
  5. Sailcloth (Black Diamond) Trektop Installed

    Hey Eli - So does this top open all the way like the MOPAR soft tops do or is it just for the front seats like you show? Also - how is the wind / road noise?
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    :cwl::cwl: That roof rack looks like it should be drying clothes somewhere in South America
  7. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    Listen to 100% then make your own decision Sometimes the complainers are actually right and are just trying to help others I could have easily kept quiet and let everyone else make the same mistake I did. I have owned numerous high end exhausts for many high end cars and nothing has ever...
  8. any thoughts on Flowmasters Outlaw Catback Exhaust?

    I wouldn't touch Dronemaster with a 10 foot pole - I suggest you see my other thread
  9. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    Also an update after a few months of ownership Welds are starting to rust, black paint has completely melted off "as intended" per Flowmaster Can't wait to see what it looks like after a few months of Michigan salt ;) It will be a good day when I can replace it and throw it in the trash
  10. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    Seems like you have 'droned' yourself 'deaf' to good products and customer service with all of those Flowmaster's you have owned Not sure what kind of better communication one can have after numerous phone calls to their customer service reps and escalation? Junk product Thank you for your...
  11. Rugged Ridge JL Wrangler Products & Build [SEMA 2018 - JLWF Coverage]

    Finally! Someone with a designer brain that kept the look of the original fenders. I don't understand why everyone is making these crazy futuristic looking fenders when the JL design is actually more smooth / free flowing than any jeep thus far!
  12. UPDATES!!! Advice: Bad Katzkin Leather Install from Jeep dealership

    Definitely a bad install. Stealerships don't know how to install leather correctly they just put it on. It needs to be heated up and steamed to shrink the leather and get a good fit. Always have an actual interior install shop do the work. I would demand a refund for the install portion and...
  13. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    @PandaRockCrawler Awesome thanks for the info! I have had great experiences with Borla in the past with my M5 and that was the direction I was heading. I like the crawler, how is the drone at highway speeds? Curious if it is louder being under the vehicle instead of at the very back Thanks!
  14. BUYER BEWARE: Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust for JL

    UPDATE: I wanted to let everyone know how the exhaust has held up over the last 5 months with salt. I don’t think it will last another winter without turning into a cheese grader. Pics attached Hey Everyone, I want to share with you all my experience with Flowmaster on my new JL Outback...
  15. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    FYI you can turn your rear camera on through Uconnect in settings from the factory...
  16. Magnaflow Catback Exhaust Question / Flowmaster Outlaw Drone

    To those of you who have installed the CATBACK Magnaflow dual exhaust system for their JL's - How is the highway cruising speeds in 8th gear? I have recently bought a new Flowmaster Outlaw and the drone at 2,100 to 2,400 RPMS is horrendous and that happens to be the full range of RPMs when...
  17. New Katzkin Leather - Red / Black with Diamond stitch JL seat cover

    Nice! I'll keep an eye out. I've seen a few unlimiteds rolling around too on some MOPAR lifts and bead locks already. I actually work at FCA HQ so I see them all day lol. To the others asking about pricing I am not exactly sure as I got a great deal ;). I would assume $1,000 - $1,500 range...