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  1. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Mine is a mid year 2018, and I have it on the door hinges and the leading edge of the hood.
  2. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Same here, plan on enjoying my Wrangler this summer, and ordering a Bronco this fall.
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I need to see one in person on the dealer lot first but I am planning on the Big Bend, and then building from there, same as I did with my JLU Sport S.
  4. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I agree, my getting a Bronco is really more about trying to preserve some of my investment. if I hold the Wrangler any longer its just going to get worse, and I wouldn't buy a new Wrangler until I know they have figured it out. I am hoping that Ford has it figured out for the Bronco, as they...
  5. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    I think the main thing is not that Jeep doesn't care, its that Jeep / Ram whatever in the US is really bad at the paint process when it comes to aluminum. And they aren't willing to take the financial hit to fix it. I do think if Bronco takes a big bite out of wrangler sales (and Bronco sport...
  6. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    So no offense meant to you Kate, I am sure you are just doing your job, but my take ways from this are: 1. If you are out of basic warranty (36k) - you are probably screwed 2. Jeepcares is no more than a mouthpiece to make it seem like Jeep cares, but doesn't have the ability to really do...
  7. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    This is what I got back from @JeepCares " I am sorry to hear of these concerns so soon in ownership, Luke! Unfournatly, there are no recalls or TSBs associated to your VIN for this concern so it is likely that all repairs to it will be out of pocket, I do apologize. " I do not blame...
  8. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Apparently that only applies if the panel rusts through.
  9. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Update on mine, I am out of warranty (39k miles) on my 2018 so the dealer won't touch it. I called another dealer, same thing. I contacted @JeepCares, they can't help either. So after about 20 years of consecutive jeep ownership, and with no indication a new JL won't have the same issue - I...
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Thank you! Does this TSB act as a recall? I called my dealership and since my 2018 has 39000 miles, they said I was out of warranty and there is nothing they can do.
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    The front of the hood on my 2018 is bubbling up pretty badly. I am going to call the dealership to see if it is under warranty (doubt it)
  12. Whats the easiest way to update the computer for new tire size?

    I went from the stock 245/75/17 to 285/70/17 - they measure at least 2 inches + more in diameter - whats the best way to get the Computer updated to correct milage / speedo numbers?
  13. Rear interior lighting options for JLU with softop?

    Looking to see what others have come up with in terms of lighting in the rear cargo area of a JLU with a soft top?
  14. White Letters Out?

    Haha well that makes two of us I guess :) TBH I normally wouldn't put white letters out, or hadn't really thought about it, but when the tire guy mounted these red letter out, I kinda liked the look and decided to keep it ! My only concern is them looking like crap as soon as they start...
  15. White Letters Out?

    I'd respond if that made any sense at all. Sounds like you weren't exactly one of the cool kids when you were a teenager ;-)
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Recently retired my JK from daily driver life and picked up a 2018 JLU Sport S in Billet Silver. So far I de-stickered it, added rubicon rails, 1 inch lift, 285/70/17 General Grabbers red letter, rugged ridge floor mats front and rear passenger area, and quadratec mat in rear (RR rear mat was...
  17. Never thought I’d be a snorkel guy

    Looks great, what brand is that, and does it have an available extension?
  18. White Letters Out?

    I have my grabbers Red letters out
  19. JLRU Manual T Forced Induction Experience (ProCharger supercharger)

    Sorry it didn't work out, but excellent and very fair (and patient) review overall. many thanks for sharing. Time for a Hemi swap :-)
  20. Anyone switch out glove box grab handle?

    I wonder what the logic is to put the different handles in when Jeep is building these. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason behind which handle they use?