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  1. 3.0L Eco Diesel and 35s

    I'm running 315/70/17 BFG KO2's with 2in mopar lift and wheel spacers, cannot tell the difference from when it was stock. The power and everything feels the exact same.
  2. 21 Diesel Lost throttle control on the trail.

    @Casey250 is on these forums and had what sounds like the same issue. Not sure if he's resolved it yet. 5min into the video for reference. Also video plug because the whole Dirty and Dangerous crew makes good content.
  3. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    I asked them not too, they did anyway (not my sales reps fault was the detailing crew), but they had just put it on so popped right off. I told them to not put their license plate bracket on as well.
  4. How to extend the life of your 3.0D

    Semi-related, I found the video interesting:
  5. Biggest mark up for a 392 so far? MSRP of 80k - Dealer price of 125k!

    You'd be surprised, I've seen more than a handful of Ram TRX's sell for well over 100k, when the sticker was mid 70's-80's, the same with other high HP "rarer" vehicles. Just need to find the right buyer, they are out there. Especially now with the market the way it is, and the dealerships know it.
  6. Anyone have Issues after Mopar lift install?

    Papa's CJDR in New Britain. Carmine Bianco is the service manager and he was very knowledgeable about the whole install.
  7. Full MSRP on new orders?

    Not wanting to travel too far, I was able to get 3% below invoice for mine locally, I was happy with it. This was after speaking with probably 8 different dealerships. Koons was able to offer 7% when I was looking, but I just couldn't make the journey.
  8. Anyone have Issues after Mopar lift install?

    I have the mopar lift with 35in KO2's, no issues with just the lift kit nothing additional. That's pretty shady. For reference I had my mopar lift installed at the dealership before ever driving it off the lot, with 35in KO2's, no issues with it at all, but the dealership installs many of these...
  9. How do you adjust the navigation volume?

    This right here, takes some getting used to, but it works.
  10. Dealer sent pic of my new muddy JLR

    Normal for transport, enjoy the new Jeep! :jk:
  11. JLUR-D Maintenance

    Get the scanguage2 for sure, I also have a short work commute, so I find that when I'm getting close to 80% soot level to plan for a longer trip while it regens, takes about 10-15 minutes to get back down to 8% soot level depending on how many lights I hit or traffic driving between 35-50mph.
  12. 2nd time out, 2021 diesel more issues

    Glad the fuses did the trick, when I took my order I popped in a good 15 loose fuses myself. The diesel engine is a beast.:like:
  13. EcoDiesels in the wild?

    I've only seen one while I was on foot, I actually heard it driving by before I saw the badging.
  14. 37 Days Since Having my Jeep and my deal is still not funded with Ally bank and I don't have an account, anyone else have issues?

    Nothing to do with Jeep per se. Something isn't be communicated right between the dealership finance dept and Ally, I'd press your finance guy at the dealership they should be able to figure that out (it's their job after all, no matter who is at fault). My finance dept was able to set...
  15. Would you buy another 3.0L EcoDiesel? Why? Why not?

    100% yes would buy again, I have a shorter commute so I just make sure to take the scenic route sometimes every other week and monitoring everything with the scanguage helps.
  16. 4xe faked for free parking on college campus

    Honestly I'm impressed, not mad at all.
  17. recommendations for lift install on JL Wrangler 2 door
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hope you're Oscar Mike to somewhere enclosed.
  19. LOD Destroyer rear bumper on a diesel, DEF tank support in the way

    If it makes you feel any better I still have the stock rear bumper and the sensors freak out at my 315/70/17 KO2's. Like you, I just turn off parksense and go about my day.:rock:
  20. Jeep Releases Mopar 2" Lift Kit For Wrangler 4xe

    Part Number: 77072399AE Was shocks, springs, etc the whole deal. This one, just not that price. I paid $1345 at the dealership because of a price error on their end. And like $490ish for labor? **For the diesel, the part number for the 4xe...