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  1. Dear mechanics: to ethanol or not to ethanol?

    Quoting this for visibility. It takes a while for ethanol to attract enough water to cause a problem. I have that problem with my boat. I DON'T have that problem with any cars.
  2. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    You sure? Here is mine with ~450lbs tongue weight and a 5500lb boat. Now, I happen to kinda agree with you. I mean, these are also the same brakes (at least same dimension rotors and both 2-piston, sliding pin calipers) on the Ram 1500. But both EU and Aus list the tow rating on a Wrangler for...
  3. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    Government has nothing to do with tow ratings.
  4. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    It's not suspension. It's brakes. See my post above.
  5. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    Sorry if I've responded to this already (been putting the same thing on a lot of threads). The tow rating in EU and Australia is 5500lbs for the Wrangler. Also, tow ratings are done according to an SAE J2807 standard. It's not a government thing. Just all the manufacturers coming together and...
  6. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    One other thing. I don't presume to know, or even have the slightest informed opinion, why Jeep might not get accurate tow ratings for the Wrangler. But, given the fact that every engine, suspension, axle, and transmission configuration has the same rating - my guess is that they slapped a low...
  7. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    I tow a 5500lb boat/trailer, with roughly 400-500lb tongue weight. I have absolutely zero issues. However, I will concede that I have removed the rear tire and carrier, so that's ~80lbs I get back.
  8. Lets talk Dead Pedals

    I have the Red Rock dead pedal. Frankly, it's not the best. All those decorative holes severely weaken it. If you press your foot on it (like to lift your butt to grab your wallet), it...
  9. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    I wouldn't count on it. I mean, if a shock busts going down the 405 freeway, then yeah. But, Ford's warranty paperwork specifically says: WHAT IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE NEW VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTY? Damage Caused By: • driving through water deep enough to cause water to be ingested into any...
  10. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    Just wanted to focus on this. Jeeps don't have a higher towing limit . . . mainly because Jeep doesn't want to try. The Wrangler has a 6500lb tow rating in both the EU and Australia. Why? Because the SAE J2807 standard for determining tow ratings in the US is absurd. One component of it is the...
  11. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    If you mean what they "bill" them as, then you are correct. But, in terns of what people are actually going to do with them: Ford Raptor: Mustang Meet-n-Greet Wrangler 392: Jeep Cruise Nobody in their right mind is going to take a stock $80k vehicle and do hardcore off-roading. You would...
  12. Show your trailer you use with your Jeep

    All aluminum trailer, tandem axles, trailer brakes, brand new wiring and lighting. Not sure if this is what y'all meant, though . . . hahaha.
  13. Extended Warranty (Y/N)?

    Oh, I know. And you're right. I just kinda "root" for things to go wrong after my warranty expires. "Honey, I just hit 36,001 miles, and one of my shocks is bad. I think I need to get some new shocks. Maybe those 2-way adjustable, variable rate, coilover ones with the remote reservoir."
  14. Leasing Help Please

    It was a pain in my ass. I got so pissed at dealerships. Not at Jeep, or the Wrangler, but the dealerships. I'd even had this same dealership (different salesman and other staff, though) do a similar thing like 5 months before. For me, it was just a matter of finding the needle in the haystack.
  15. I thought rubicons had dana 44 front and rear axles??

    So does the Sport, Sport S, Sahara, and every other sub-model . . . if you get the diesel in it!
  16. Extended Warranty (Y/N)?

    This is the most succinct and best way to put it. I will, however, throw one wrinkle in the premise you explain. I don't get the extended warranty AND I "root" for something to go wrong with the Jeep. Why? AFTERMARKET UPGRADES!
  17. Extended Warranty (Y/N)?

    You realize you could have also typed: "I just found out the oil pan seal ruptured in my JLUR because the Jeep dealerships are STILL putting in 6 quarts of oil instead of 5. I didn't have to use the extended warranty I bought because the dealerships are paying for their own mistakes."
  18. has anyone resisted a throttle enhancer after trying?

    So, I guess I was right . . . and wrong! It doesn't reduce "input lag". If you slow the video down and measure it to the millisecond, there is still the same amount of input lag (8 frames of that video, regardless of if the unit is off, green/4 or red/9). However, I see that there is a...
  19. has anyone resisted a throttle enhancer after trying?

    Can someone explain to me HOW a throttle thingy reduces input lag? I had one on my 2017 Camaro SS. Didn't do jack sh!t. Here's the thing. If you're talking about remapping the throttle percentages, that's one thing. They can certainly do that, and do it well. For instance, let's say that a...
  20. Got hit passenger front tire. What should I check for?

    Insurance. Check the guy's insurance. Then, drive the Jeep to the most expensive shop you can find. Drop it off to them and tell them to fix it.