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  1. Tread Lightly discount

    Koons has an account here by name of @Koons_of_Tysons_Corner Profile - Hopefully they'll chime in here or let's PM the account and see if the discounted group buy is for real.
  2. JL picture thread

    You're just looking at it from a styling standpoint. The bigger rear side window will give better lighting inside and also better visibility from inside. Also not having to unzip to remove the windows is a welcome change.
  3. Ordering vs. Dealer Stock Availability?

    Yea the anticipation and build up when ordering and tracking is really quite fun. You end up developing an online camaraderie with fellow future owners who are also tracking and waiting for their Wranglers at the same time. Can't wait to order again.
  4. Unwrapped 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU from production plant!

    Nice info. Were the rear grab handles attached to the back of the front seats? Are they always extended or do they fold down when not being held? How different was the interior you saw compared to this spied Rubicon interior?
  5. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Price?

    What is everyone's guesses on price increase after seeing some of the new options/features? It's sure looking like a 10-15% increase to me. Although I was glad to see some basics like AC still optional. Signals they are still trying to keep the base Sport relatively no frills and low cost.
  6. Wardrobe malfunction exposes JL Wrangler rear

    The longer hood isn't a styling decision so much as a necessity due to the new 8 speed auto. And the new larger front bumper is to help the JL meet crash test standards worldwide. But yea the longer front end does look more proportional on the JLU 4 door.
  7. Verified: Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering and Telescoping Steering Column

    There are electronic steering systems that use an electric motor which still relies on hydraulic fluids/hoses, and there's electronic systems that are fully electric and don't rely on those.
  8. Verified: Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering and Telescoping Steering Column

    Will the electric motor still use hydraulic fluid (housed in a reservoir) or are we talking pure electric motor not involving any fluids?
  9. Our Latest 2019 Jeep JT Pickup Info and Preview Images

    Will the JT pickup have the same rollbar-cage structure that we've seen on the JL/JLU?
  10. Wrangler VS. Tacoma?

    Yes but still not as reliable and resale not as good as the Tacoma. Speaking of resale, it'll be interesting to see how the JT pickup's resale is compared to the JL/JLU Wrangler - whether it'll be as strong as Wrangler resale has been or if it'll be closer to the resale value of other midsize...
  11. 2018 Wrangler ordering questions

    Oh ordering is a fun process. You'll get your Wrangler color and equipped exactly as you want it. As for trade-in value of your Hummer, it'll be valued at the time you take delivery and pay for your JL.
  12. Wrangler sales numbers still strong in April

    Pretty incredible. I can't think of another 10 year old vehicle that's selling more in its 10th year than it did in its first few years of introduction. Props to Jeep. :clap:
  13. JL/JLU wrangler length / size

    I think the dominance of the JKU is because it has extra set of doors, making it family friendly for the soft-crawlers and mall-crawlers (no offense to those types of owners they help keep Wrangler and Jeep brand alive and healthy). Hopefully if they increase the wheelbase on the 2 door don't go...
  14. First Look: New Wrangler Roof With MySky-Like Power Retractable Top

    Ah so only the windshield glass will fold down. That's nice it'll make folding windshield so much easier. Side grab handles look attached to the A pillar though so doubt those would fold down with the glass?
  15. First Look: New Wrangler Roof With MySky-Like Power Retractable Top

    With all that gadgetry attached to the overhead console / top of windshield how will the windshield fold down?
  16. Did last week's JL Wrangler reveal help your decision?

    Did last week's reveal of the JLU and this site's renders help you decide to wait for the 2018 Wrangler? Vote in the poll!
  17. Renderings: New Jeep Wrangler JLU Brought to Life

    Incredible work thank you for sharing! I hope they offer the Mango Tango type color. And hope the front quarter panel vent is really that aggressive looking. Totally changes up the look of the side of the car and easily distinguishes the car from the JKU.
  18. JLU family friendly?

    The JLU prototypes don't look much bigger, if any, than the JKU so I doubt the legroom will be drastically more. But that doesn't mean rear legroom won't be improved a little. Even if the car grows by just a couple of inches that could result in slightly more space inside. Besides more...
  19. Should I wait for 2018 Wrangler?

    15 in last couple of years?! You must have a Jeep tattoo somewhere on your body :) Have you seen this site's renders? They're more accurate (bumpers, fenders, grilles, lighting, roofline, etc) -- Our New Jeep Wrangler (2018+) Unlimited and Pickup Preview Renderings Is MPG, interior quality...
  20. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Price?

    JK pricing's been able to go up annually and avoid big discounts by dealers because of the low supply to demand ratio. With the JL it sounds like they'll be able to better satisfy the demand with production at the Toledo North plant. So it'll be interesting to see what price the JL and JLU start...