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  1. Anyone know how to replace the rear seat fold down latch?

    Trying to avoid the dealer for such a small item. My latch that you lift to fold down the headrest broke off. The mechanism is fine, it's just the one handle that snapped. Has anyone done this? I read the seat needs to be taken apart but could never find a how to. I only got 3 weeks left...
  2. My dilemma im having with the service dept installing my mopar lift

    2.5 days to install shocks and springs with a lift and unlimited tools? I can get that done in an afternoon with a basic socket set and floor jack. And I have never taken an automotive class in my life.
  3. How many oncoming drivers getting ticked with the JL LED headlights

    Every once in awhile I will get flashed. I have a tazer so my fog lights stay on with my high beams. Its gotta be pretty damn bright when I flash them back. Now my wife's chevy Malibu gets flashed all the time. Her lights are brighter than my Jeep.
  4. Installed a CAI and Cat-Back Exhaust on a 18' JLU Sahara and lost 2mpg

    I have had their tune for about a year. You get a power and mpg benefit. I personally gained 2 mpg. Their trans tune is great as well, makes 8th a more usable gear. It's expensive but any good tune is. Resetting the system wont do anything.
  5. Blackout "Jeep" lettering

    My plasti-dip emblems have held up fine 3 years later in Chicago salt infested roads.
  6. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    You don't have to. I only use the rain blocker during downpours. It's off 99% if the time. I have checked it many times and even in moderate to heavy rain the airbox is dry.
  7. Cold Air Intake by Mopar?

    It's not a big difference in sound. Actually quieter at idle than stock. Maybe a bit louder when some throttle is given. I would say most of the benefit comes from the hood cut but you dont have to cut it. I had just the lid and tubing on for about 6 months. When I cut the hood I saw a mpg...
  8. UPDATE: It gets worse...Scammy dealer alert: Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep

    I guess...personally I could not even attempt to do that to people.
  9. UPDATE: It gets worse...Scammy dealer alert: Los Angeles Chrysler Dodge Jeep

    I had a dealer try and sell me new tires when I just had new ones installed about a week prior. The look on his face was pretty funny when I told him they were brand new.
  10. Insurance premium increases from 2018 to 2022

    Mine went up because I moved from the Chicago area to the middle of nowhere BFE country living. I called state farm to ask why the price hike since I figured it would go down. All the fucking deer around here!!
  11. 2-door seat release handles - don't yank 'em too hard

    Has anyone replaced the small handle for the rear seats? Mine broke off today, I barely even put any pressure on it. It's just the handle that broke, all the cable is fine. I tried to look up a video but I may have the wording wrong.
  12. Dual Top Group Questions

    It takes me about 1 hour to swap from hard to soft top. I built an electric lift with a platform for $200. I suspended it from my rafters to hold everything. They have kits available but way too expensive for me. Soft top comes in a coffin size box so you will only be able to fit someone in...
  13. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    I have only seen a couple on the street but I like the looks of them. I never understood brand loyalty. Is FCA paying your Bill's or something? If you like it buy it, who gives a shit who makes it.
  14. Just look at this R&T article about why the Bronco is a better Wrangler

    "Steering that doesn’t exhaust the driver by demanding constant corrections. Mirrors that are permanently affixed to the truck" Two legit things Jeep should definitely address IMO. The steering being #1. I have the new steering box and while it did help the Jeep still wanders.
  15. soft top vs hard top and HEAT

    Hard top with hot heads headliner and window tint if heat is an issue.
  16. As a new 392XR owner...

    What a blatant misuse of gender pronouns. Just you wait till Caitlyn Jenner hears about this.
  17. As a new 392XR owner...

    How many ambien should I give my tinder date tonight?
  18. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    No, there is nothing to change under the hood to redirect air. I use the filter that came with the CAI. But I do not do any off roading.
  19. Mopar cold air intake - do I Have to cut

    Had the hood vent installed for almost 2 years now. I have driven through some decent rain and even pressure washed without the cover on (carefully). The mesh vent does a good job of keeping water out. I have never had the airbox wet. The only time I put the cover on is during a heavy...