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  1. New Jersey various parts

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  2. New Jersey various parts

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  3. New Jersey various parts

    Yes, it does.
  4. New Jersey various parts

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  5. New Jersey various parts

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  6. New Jersey CMM mirrors

    Kyle, it's the complete driver/passenger set. I had the mounts on for about 2 months, never attached the mirrors, (they are still in the original bubble wrap).
  7. New Jersey CMM mirrors

    CMM Offroad doors-off mirrrors $250, willing to ship.
  8. New Jersey Various items...

    Duplicate post.
  9. New Jersey various parts

    I have several parts for sale that I have taken off, (getting ready to trade in my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JLU). I can pm pic's upon request. Not willing to ship, pick up only. 1- Warn Zeon 10S winch, never used-like new $1100 o/b/o 2- Premium Twill soft top, (4-door), with tinted windows and all...
  10. New Jersey Insane Audio JL3001

    willing to ship at your cost.
  11. Looking for real-world Vroom feedback.

    I checked with earlier today, quote was instant. They offered $8K less than Vroom, $7K less than Carvana.
  12. New Jersey Insane Audio JL3001

    Selling my Insane Audio JL3001, works perfectly. I'm including a flush-mount rock camera as well. I also have the HVAC center stack with the volume knob available if you are upgrading from the 5" radio. Head unit/rock cam $1000 HVAC stack $100
  13. New Jersey Insane Audio JL3001

    Steve, it's still available.
  14. Transmission not working

    @Wanted33... His name was Anton Yelchin. He was an actor. He didn't get to call his lawyer,(someone in his family maybe), because he was killed when his Grand Cherokee rolled backwards and pinned him against a gate. Definitely operator error, so now the rest of us have to pay for his misfortune...
  15. New Jersey Sold: Insane Audio JL3001

    Selling my Insane Audio JL3001 head unit along with the HVAC center stack with the volume knob. Everything works as it should, and comes with all original packaging and a flush mount camera that was never installed. I prefer cash and local pick up, (but will take pmt by Paypal and ship on your...
  16. Texas Insane Audio or Stinger

    I have the Insane Audio and like it. No regrets.
  17. part number assistance

    This should be the correct part number... Mopar 4573049
  18. The sound of a Kinetic Rope failure. Damage and cost..... Plus photos of the wheeling and camping.

    Can't see or hear the video. (This has been happening a lot recently on this site, I haven't changed any settings, also can't stay logged in either).
  19. Replacing current LSD with Air Lockers

    yes, it's possible.