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  1. Florida Roll Call!

    @FLjeeper you may be onto something about DIY as I'd have to wash all signs of wheeling off before taking it in so that they don't cancel my warranty. I was wheeling in a ton of sand and mud puddles. Today, I checked the air filter to make sure a bunch of junk didn't get in there. Looked...
  2. FYI: Tesla Cybertruck base price $39K, tows 14K lbs, 500 mile range, 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, available to order now.

    I do think our next vehicle will be some sort of an electric vehicle. Probably not a Tesla though as we don't like their style. It just boggles my mind that Tesla's valuation at one point was more than the top 5 automakers combined. At one point AOL was very valuable and where are they...
  3. Thinking about getting a wrangler

    I changed my opinion, don't get it. When you buy a Jeep Wrangler of any trim, it becomes BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!! Then you start thinking "how hard is it to press out a ring and pinion and rebuild a diff". 35's are nice, 40's are nicer. LOL!
  4. Florida Jeep JLU hardtop for sale | Black | 1200 OBO

    She didn't mark it sold, but it was sold to me Dec 12th. The OP is not an active member on the forum, so I just wanted to let others know. Nice top, the seller was very friendly and helped me install it on my Jeep and made sure that I had all the parts from her Jeep to bring it home.
  5. Second theft in 3 months - Do I get rid of my wrangler?

    Yep, nobody will mess with a POS. I park my 2002 Civic at trailheads in the mountains and it is always unmolested when I get back days later.
  6. Thinking about getting a wrangler

    Not to go off-topic, but your "vehicles" answer says "Cybertruck". Such an animal doesn't exist in the wild yet. +1 on the full Willy's.
  7. Sand In Engine

    The filter should be capable of filtering any particulate matter that can damage the engine. I call BS on this, but I'd have vacuumed out the air cleaner and replaced the filter with new before going to the stealership.
  8. Florida Roll Call!

    You're missing out on a 6qt oil change, bleed one off when you get home and have oil for your lawn mower.
  9. Florida Roll Call!

    Yeah, I typically do my own as well. Gives me a chance to look everything over and know that it was done right. My boss at work got a double fill one time from the Hyundai dealer. The lure of a "free" oil change is appealing though.
  10. Florida Roll Call!

    Anybody out there have recommendations for a Brevard County FL Jeep dealer for me to get my free Jeep Wave oil changes at? I bought it at Boniface Hiers but wasn't overly satisfied with the customer service there. I'm thinking of trying Gator in Melbourne. I'm also going to ask them to...
  11. Neutral light in 4H

    I'm due for my 6qt Jeep Wave oil change in a month, I figure I'll take it in then. I was a little worried that I wasn't fully in 4H and may get transfer case damage. It felt solidly in 4H, just the light was wrong.
  12. Neutral light in 4H

    So yesterday I was in 4H moving very well. And the NEUTRAL light was on, I was clearly in 4H. I moved the stick to the right and back to the left and it said 4WD again, not NEUTRAL. Any thoughts on this?
  13. JL Clutch Grenade Failure: Anybody have the Numbers?

    I ❤ my 6sp too. I spent the weekend ripping through sugar sand and the 6MT showed no signs of issues. I pulled my buddy's truck out the last thing I worried about was a clutch failure.
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    The JLUS performed pretty well out there (Suburban in Holopaw). Lots of sand and I got bogged a bit following my friend who was on a quad. I should have brought a compressor and aired down a bit.
  15. Florida Roll Call!

    First pull out with the Jeep. My friend was pulling trailer in this sand and got bogged out. My Jeep ripped through sand and mud. Good times.
  16. Florida Roll Call!

    I'm game, PM me some time and we can make it a family trip. I love old Florida, my family moved here in 1980 and my wife was born here. This is the time of year for Jeeping in Florida, I do need a sunshade for when it is sunny out and the soft top is opened up.
  17. Florida Roll Call!

    His camp is fenced off and he told me that the main trail takes you right there. It shouldn't be too wet, as a newer Jeeper I don't want to get The Sarge pinstriped and bogged out. :) Edit: He did tell me that it gets crazy out there at night, but his camp is in the 'quieter' area and since...
  18. Florida Roll Call!

    I'm heading out to a colleague's camp at Suburban in Holopaw tomorrow, any advice? He has a fenced in camp, but I hear it gets wild out there at night.
  19. Jeep dealer will not put clutch or transmission under warranty (<50k miles)

    It is just wild that these things grenade upon failure. Seems like a poor design on Jeep's part, my hope is mine gracefully degrades over time and we have a few viable replacement options coming out over the next few years. I know Southbend and Centerforce have options out now, but CF has...
  20. Dealer put "Anything less than a 10 on the survey is failing" on my Invoice.. How about delivering service that warrants a 10?

    I haven't had a "10" experience from a dealership since about 1998. Usually you have to grind out some sort of reasonable result as they figure that most people just give up.