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  1. ISO Factory Rear Rubicon Driveshaft

    I had luck finding one on ebay for $100
  2. Recommendation for Jeep servicing in Fort Worth, Texas?

    Tribe 16 not exactly Ft Worth but definitely worth the little drive. Plenty of experience and trustworthy.
  3. Texas WTB M186 front axle

    Where in Texas are you located?
  4. California 67 design magnetic pad..

    Amazon has a bunch of different options. Unless your wanting you metal strip to be brand specific.
  5. Looking to buy Jeep JKU Sport for my sons first car....lots of questions

    Id stay away from those exact years. Those motors/trans setups were dogs and most of them have oil consumption issues.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Looks cool! but don't follow the install video :facepalm: He connects the wires to the removable door harness and runs the power wire lazily .
  7. Georgia new vs rebuild 2018 JL sport

    I had a friends that just went out at 12,000. He said it was a pump of some sort. Luckily warranty cover it.
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    These same rattles have been bugging me lately thanks for sharing your fix.
  9. PRP Seat Covers

    Thanks those look great!
  10. PRP Seat Covers

    What black vinyl is this?
  11. Texas Rubicon Fenders,JLU D44,Mopar Lift ect......

    No I don't have any fender flares for sale.
  12. Texas Rubicon Fenders,JLU D44,Mopar Lift ect......

    You know you’ve been wanting to come check out (Bridgeport)Northwest OHV Park up here
  13. Texas Rubicon Fenders,JLU D44,Mopar Lift ect......

    Added to the list Brand New Synergy Parking Brake Relocation bracket $20 Brand New Powertank 2dr passenger side sports bar mount $70 Used Rubicon Rock Rails $80
  14. Optimum Gears?

    Take the top and doors off the wind wont have as much resistance :like:. But 8th gear was never intended to be a "passing gear". I totally understand what you mean that sometimes the wind will cause it to downshift but what do you expect to happen when your driving something that resembles a UPS...
  15. California FREE JL PARTS IN SoCal

    Tails lights still available?
  16. Illinois 4 inch mopar lift installed by the dealer voided my warranty

    @JeepCares can possibly help..... Information might be limited due to this being a JL Wrangler forum but I'm sure you find at least a little bit of help here. Good luck hopefully you can get it resolved.
  17. Washington JLU Sport build

    If your doing rubi fenders you could split the rear fenders also. That would give you plenty of clearence and a 2 inch bump stop should be a good starting point.
  18. Any recommendations for new CV Axle? Fount a bent one whilst installing a front truss. M186 Dana 30 27 spline.

    I have a set of factory D30 axles shafts ill sell if you end up needing some.