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  1. Cell phone mount recommendations

    Gibson leather works.
  2. Which dealer in socal to have a mopar lift installed?

    Why do you need a Jeep dealer to install your lift kit. Please read through all the posts on this forum about Jeep dealers. There are many competent shops around that can do a much better job without the bullshit.
  3. AC outlet, those that have it, what are you using it for?

    I use it for my jackery 500 while the jackery is plugged into my fridge. Works perfect keeps jackery at full charge while driving. I discovered that the plug is only live while vehicle is running so it will never run battery down.
  4. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    And don’t forget about the massive profits these companies have reported this past couple years.
  5. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    The other problem is the small family owned dealerships are almost all gone. Gobbled up by larger multi owned dealerships with many brands under one business.This creates huge problems for customers. I also remember these places and they will never get my money.
  6. 2dr custom exhaust

    Borla makes a complete exhaust for the 2 door wich replaces the factory resonator with a muffler. I have been very impressed with Borla on other vehicles. My only concern with any system would be the exhaust exiting the drivers side as I have the trailer plug and wiring that looks like it might...
  7. Fox 2.5 DSC Adjuster Blowout

    I thought these shocks were custom valved by Accutune when ordered through them. Sounds odd that something was missing from manufacturer.
  8. No rear seat

    Also removed rear seat belts. Made custom mounts for storage rack and flashlight mount.
  9. No rear seat

    I used the seat mounts to make a custom slide for my fridge and jackery etc.
  10. JCR not standing behind their Part

    Absolutely, and what about just simply replacing the part along with looking into how it broke. It might have been the customer’s fault without them realizing it. How about working with them for a solution as to this not happening again. Maybe a redesign or some kind or part improvement...
  11. Oracle flush mount tail lights!!!

    These lights look great. I missed the group buy but just ordered a set yesterday. I got 10% off with free shipping, and received a email saying they should ship around the Jan.22 Sure to be one of the best mods to the jl.
  12. Wife wants a

    Better get the 392 while you can. I do not believe they will be making them after 2022. And if they do it will not be for long. Clock is ticking, no one knows when but it will not be long.

    So true, but to understand the entitlement these people have is to recognize that not everyone should be receiving participation trophies.
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    DIY side steps. Modified rubicon rails.
  15. Cold climate = no go

    There should be some sort of information about these systems made available to purchasers of these vehicles. Especially at time of sale. Oh what a good lawyer has the potential to do.
  16. North Carolina Rubicon Tires For Sale $750.00

    They are factory Rubicon tires and rims. 285/70-17 bf Goodrich Ko2 There is currently just under 5k miles. They look like brand new. Never off road. Jeep is in a climate controlled garage. There is no measurable difference between the 4 tires on Jeep and the spare tire. I would prefer to sell...
  17. North Carolina Rubicon Tires For Sale $750.00

    Tires are still for sale. Might be willing to sell with rims. Make me an offer.

    Do not know if it’s the best, but it is reasonably priced. I just purchased the smittybilt 2781. $160.00 from Amazon.
  19. Finally caved

    Can’t beat that.
  20. Washington Looking to buy the oem three piece steel front bumper for my 2018 JL Rubicon. Mine came with the plastic one and is LED. Thanks

    Maybe take a look at the extreme terrain website. They have a aluminum one that looks exactly like the factory mopar front bumper at half the price.