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  1. On the return leg home from an errand... checked out Bronco inventory

    I’m with you on the first statement. The second statement veers a bit because the issue is that folks are ordering at MSRP and then being blindsided by the dealer when they go to pick it up. When the customer refuses it, this in turn gives the dealer inventory to sell with a huge ADM -...
  2. What’s your other car??

    Nothing as fancy as some of y’all but my lil 2012 Volvo C30 is still the twinkle in my eye Our daily is the 2020 GC Summit which is the only automatic we have.
  3. How do I stop my JL from reporting daily the mileage, oil condition etc.. t the Jeep dealer electronically?

    Depends. Telematics data does not require a touchscreen interface or a phone, just an onboard drive to hold the data. It then is sent via hardwire (OBD for instance) or wirelessly. If you were in an accident, police could hook up to your Jeep to extract the data of speed, gear, brake...
  4. How do I stop my JL from reporting daily the mileage, oil condition etc.. t the Jeep dealer electronically?

    I have yet to come across someone who has successfully removed the data transfer and anyone who thinks it’s only on the 8.4” screen is gravely mistaken. The SiriusXM Guardian is just a consumer portal service that enables the user to receive some of that information back for a price...
  5. I'm done! Yesterday I blew up my Jeep.

    Explains why Jeeps are getting so expensive… Inflation!
  6. Year and Mileage of Your Jeep

    Damnit @Headbarcode. Every time you post a picture of your rig, this meme slaps me across the face… I’m in a 2020 JLUR with an MT and 17K miles on it. Apart from MT recall work done on it, no issues to report. Everything under the skirt is stock for now but I see a lift and 35s in the near...
  7. Any dual zone fridge options that fit JLU?

    Once you get into dual zones, small and medium sized units drop out. Of course, that’s for a single unit. Have you looked into a refrigerator drawer option? You might be able to do two drawers stacked up on another but I’m uncertain how cold the drawer can get to act like a freezer. You’d also...
  8. What do you believe the designers and engineers got right on the JL?

    I am a big fan of this entire layout and its symmetry. I feel like the design team spent time thinking through it in a practical manner. Nowadays, everything is through a display and it’s becoming rarer and rarer to have a physical button for such things as cabin temp, heated seats, air...
  9. What do you wish was different on your JL?

    12 won’t happen for Jeep or any other manufacturer. Pretty soon, a generation of drivers will sit in the driver’s seat and never know an ignition key was ever a thing, much like how the crank arm isn’t discussed anymore. Out of curiosity, though, what don’t you trust about P2S? Like a key...
  10. Jeep vs not a Jeep

    If Chrysler… I mean FCA… I mean Stellantis made a Wrangler that was aesthetically identical to the JL/JLU we have today but the only difference was that it had IFS, would that be a Jeep?
  11. Jeep vs not a Jeep

    This started out as a Jeep but is no longer a Jeep. Now it’s a Rezvani Tank and costs around $300K 🤮
  12. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler 12V Ride On Vehicle - $170 (On Sale)

    Bought this for my nephew this past summer. He loves it. No working suspension and wheels are plastic so no real grip. Regardless, the little guy has a blast and now waves to Jeeps. I see a Wrangler in his future.
  13. Is Stellantis Taking the Subscription Route Off-Road

    I was wondering about this as well. What’s to stop a person from engaging them on their own and cutting off the remote access to the mother Stellantis ship? Also, what happens if you miss a payment? “We’re very sorry you had an accident in your Jeep, Mr Anderson. As you can see, you did not...
  14. Is Stellantis Taking the Subscription Route Off-Road

    Missed that thread. Thanks for posting it
  15. Is Stellantis Taking the Subscription Route Off-Road

    Came across this article the other day from multiple outlets. How Stellantis plans to make $22.5B a year from software in its cars, trucks and SUVs I know they’re not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, but I am not a fan of these types of subscription-based car functionality...
  16. Jeep Wave - Bronco!

    Fellow Wranglers or friendly looking folk initiating a wave Classic Defenders
  17. Pics of stock Jeeps -- no lifts, no big tires

    Fond memories driving through the woods naked… I also took the doors and roof off the Jeep.
  18. How important are heated seats to you?

    My father’s 1985 Volvo 760 Turbo station wagon (the first car I have memories of) had heated seats for driver/passenger. Several “shotty, no blitz” were argued between me and my brothers. It wouldn’t have been a make-or-break for me on the Jeep if not offered, but it was a no-brainer for me as...
  19. Engine code.

    The “G” should be the VIN engine code. The eighth position on the VIN is engine G = 3.6L V6 I’m uncertain about the “3” but the ERG references a 3.6L V6 with Etorque on a build sheet.