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  1. DIY Headliner and DIY Sound Murderers - Under $100

    Any noticeable difference in cabin temperature? Living in frigid winter county I am looking to do this to my JT if it helps with keeping heat in
  2. Mojave Hood Swap for JL

    Stalking from the JT forum....that hood sure looks great
  3. UConnect - need subscription to connect my phone?

    No but I beg you avoid the base radio at all costs. You will regret it, move up to a 7 or 8 if possible
  4. Dealer license plate frames

    Dealer plates and stickers, I like to peel them off and throw them in the trash. As others say, you don't get paid for it and I like my American " home of the free because of the brave " license plate frame more
  5. Are you concerned about galvanic corrosion?

    Well looks like my 2020 jt has the start of it, and no Stellantis has no plans on correcting the problem, just like the broken door weld clicks. Really disappointing.
  6. PRP Seat Covers

    Those look great, so much for saving my money
  7. 5" uconnect is this thing THIS bad in 2019?

    Still a problem in 2020 JT, radio has been replaced three times, just had a software update they said should fix "everything" Nope, nothing is fixed and a new issue has been added. Jeep cares tells me can't do anything, take it in when it does loses time still, shorts out and newest...
  8. Suggestions on what website to purchase OEM 8.4" Radio?

    Looking for my gladiator, will this plug and play like other part sites? Others claim to use your vin to pre program it to your jeep? The price does look the cheapest. Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger. My base radio is on it's third replacement and still dosen't work right
  9. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Oops! Thanks for the kind offer, didn't look at my phone until after but I was able to find some silicone ends at my local hardware store. Thanks anyway, guess I'll get to see how well they work by next winter haha
  10. Windshield Defroster Fix

    They must have changed them. Ordered a set from this link they no longer fit, just shoot out with defrost on.
  11. Clicking noise** when opening drivers side door..

    Jeep has no fix for this and has known about it since the 18 JL. My gladiator's front doors both click now. Don't even bother with door replacement it's the same part. My dealership had finally caved and admitted that all Wranglers and gladiators will develop this design flaw in all four doors...
  12. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    As a gladiator owner honestly I see it going down some once the issue become more known. My gladiator has had plenty. Thankfully spared engine replacement that some others suffered. I was surprised by CR report.
  13. Important for those that have a brand new Jeep - check your fuses!

    Yup, former FCA now Stella has been having this issue since 2018. My 2020 gladiator had it. Sadly it didn't solve my electric issues
  14. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Well depends on if you have a good dealership, I wouldn't expect former FCA now Stella to take care of you after unless you have an extended warranty. My dealerships here are no good
  15. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Jeep cares tells me there is an update coming. My radio does this too, and the short pop that resets the whole radio. Still waiting on official release date
  16. Uconnect 3 with 5 inch Radio TERRIBLE!

    You're not kidding. The more I look at these forums the more I dread even getting to 20k miles. My heart says work through the issues and keep the gladiator but my brain screams trade it in for another brand....ugh.
  17. Uconnect 3 with 5 inch Radio TERRIBLE!

    no i wouldn't even bother, i went to two dealers and my 2020 Gladiator has the same issues you all have with the JL base radio. Jeep cares won't do anything and the dealers just replaced the radio with another defective unit, which they all are. Went back they say no codes no errors, won't fix...
  18. UConnect 5" isn't maintaining accurate time & restarts

    Dealer will just replace it with another defective radio. Stalked over from gladiator forum looking from time to time if any fixes are out. Jeep just keeps selling the same defective units. Mine has all of the symptoms as well. Friend of mine has a 2018 JL sport, same issues. Jeep cares and...
  19. Uconnect 5inch stock Radio Cuts Out

    Just stalking over from the Gladiator forum, wish I had seen this thread before I purchased my 2020 sport max tow, I have the same issues. They replaced my radio once and since it only does it sparaticly they claim to not be able to replicate, and Jeep cares says nothing they can do either...