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  1. DEF IND Recall, Y81

    Anyone have more info on this?
  2. Gnarly Death Wobble on a 2021 JL Diesel

    Probably a year of hard wheeling. out of all that "damage" the only one things that are bad are the Steering Stab and the rear shock. the bends and dents are really minor and its just a dealership trying to cash grab... Trying to get the rear shocks done under my extended warranty since its...
  3. Gnarly Death Wobble on a 2021 JL Diesel

    Came back from the trail to have this nice death wobble. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
  4. Diesel in snow problems

    Just for clarification, the MAS getting fried was a different event, happened in the summer when i was driving through lots of puddles going a bit faster than i probably should have. Tho i have a theory the dealership didnt put the airbox back together on the last service and thats why water got...
  5. 2021 Eco Diesel suddenly much louder

    Sorry to hear about the dealership dicking you around. My main dealerships been good and bad. Fixing stuff like this quickly, while also using the wrong oil in my Jeep. However the extended my warranty as compensation. One of the local dealerships even offers emissions deletes with Warranty.
  6. Diesel in snow problems

    I Bet you the MAS is fried, Had this exact same thing happen earlier to me this year when some water got past the filter. Not Snow related. i was doing 50Km/h going through puddles for a few hours.
  7. Diesel in snow problems

    Hey Tug556, I Had the same issues after 2 Days of snow wheeling, it was FULL of snow.
  8. Canadian Diesel JL

    Just the rim is bent. No other damage. Tire came off the bead when i was pulled from the river on Photo 3 in post 13
  9. Canadian Diesel JL

    RIP My AEV Pintler.
  10. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    My guess is the loctite on the rugged ridge x-Clamp screw wasnt enough and vibrations. i think the light still works but my covers are cracked up! havent tested it TBH! i want to run Rock/Ditch lights. probably cyclones for that. and i want some more front lights. most likely a pair of spot Flex...
  11. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    Well a KC Light fell off! Ouups! Any suggestions for what other lights to add to this rig?
  12. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Looks a little weird with only one of the KC Lights on, but that flex!
  13. Transmission tick/rattle when stopped.

    I Second this, i have a thread here with some videos of how mine sounded.
  14. 35k+ Km with the wrong engine oil.

    Dealership drained wrong oil, ran a engine oil flush, put the new stuff in and gave me a B2B Warranty Extension till 160K Kms (100k Miles) for free. Ill update the thread if i get any issues in the future.
  15. 35k+ Km with the wrong engine oil.

    Dealership, Star notification or something like that, contact your dealerships service manager and they can pull it for you.
  16. 35k+ Km with the wrong engine oil.

    I Spend my days turning wrenches on Maint battle tanks, sadly sometimes i just dont wana do a oil change when im off, plus the dealer " free oil change" thing was worth it finanically. if they used the right oil LOL
  17. 35k+ Km with the wrong engine oil.

    Im doing this with the next jeep, Tried to take advantage of the "Second/Fourth/Sixth oil change is free" that the dealer ship offers here, No jeep wave in Canada