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  1. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Stingray 1976 - We don't have a hard top. Didn't want one. This is our 6th jeep, and we ordered it with the prmium sundrider top. It's perfect for our needs, and we would do the exact same if ordering another today. Cheers, James
  2. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    That's a pretty outstanding deal. Almost unbelievable.
  3. Keep or Trade it In?

    You have time, so good for you doing the research. Make the best choice for you, and get exactly what you want. Our 2019 JLUR is our 6th jeep. My view: The JL is better than the JK in every way. A few of my JL observations: The 8 speed transmission is gold. The Premium Soft top is...
  4. Turning on and off weather pop ups

    After the last hurricane passed by Florida, I got those annoying alerts for Jacksonville (Live in West Orlando) for several days after the storm was gone. And I mean the storm was a thousand miles away, and I still got those annoying alerts.
  5. Xm radio cuts in and out. 2018 jl. Any thoughts?

    My radio went through a period of doing something similar to this, but on XM, Bluetooth, FM. It would cut in and out in a rhythmic pattern. Sometimes when in reverse the screen would go blue instead of the camera. Sometimes the touch screen would lock up. The dealer re-flashed the computer...
  6. Which soft top? Humm?

    I'm on my 7th jeep (Some with hard tops, some with soft, some with both) Our current 2019 came with the Premium Sunrider top. It is outstanding in every way. Quality look/feel/sound. Sunrider mode, Safari mode, easy up/down. Excellent. In a year we're buying a 2021 diesel, and it will...
  7. 2020 Diesel JL Wrangler officially announced, with 260hp / 442lb-ft and new 8 speed

    I've been waiting for this for over a decade. Our 2019 JLUR is only 6 months old. Once the new diesel has been on the street for a year or two, we'll pull the trigger on a new loaded JLUR diesel. Diesel in a jeep just makes sense. Maybe we'll keep both, maybe we'll sell the 2019, but we will...
  8. New Soft top window storage idea

    Great idea. Gonna look into this while stored in the bag.
  9. JLU - Diabolical Slipstream vs Tonneau cover?

    No rattles. No negative effect on bass from Subwoofer.
  10. JLU Rubicon - 35 Inch tires with no Lift?

    Full articulation, no rubbing, no lift. Thrilled with the setup. Almost stock, but a little meatier look. Also an inch more ground clearance. Still fits in the garage. Stock spare tire carrier, spare rubs ever so slightly on the metal bumper, which is fine. Bumper provides support for the...
  11. Ocala Hardrock offroad park

    Ocala is a good spot to take a 14 month old. Scenic drive through the woods, mostly shaded, maybe see some wildlife, some sugar sand, a muddy spot or two, have a picnic lunch at a spring. I don't know where you live, but Ocala is huge. We live in Windermere, so can be in the southern end in...
  12. Ocala Hardrock offroad park

    Apologize for the tardy response, I don't get on here often. Ocala is pretty, but mostly sandy trails and very few challenging obstacles. Not many areas with articulation. Either pine forests, or Oaks/thick brush. Some trails (Not in pine forests, but rather in oak/brush areas) get really...
  13. Florida Roll Call!

    Worst love bug season I recall in many years. A pic of my truck. It's like this every day I drive through Ranch country. Luckily Mister car wash has a monthly deal for $30 and they will wash it as often as I like. I like Daily. See you again tomorrow afternoon ...
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    A club is a great way for a less experienced Jeeper to get safe exposure to trail rides, or a more experienced trail rat to get more time offroad. Anyone in Central FL that wanting opportunities to do trail rides, consider the Orlando Jeep Club. I joined a few months ago, and there are couple...
  15. Florida Roll Call!

    Orlando Jeep Club has events every month. Good group of people. June 5th is next ride.
  16. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Cleaning it? It's not for everyone, and good to have options. As I said earlier, we're all different.
  17. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Hydroturf. Available in different cut patterns, and different colors. I almost went bi color Black/Red (Black Surface and Red where they cut the pattern), but decided to stay a little more subtle. You can buy it from any number of sources, But I usually buy it from Ebay with 3M adhesive tape...
  18. Diabolical Slipstream Install and review

    Updated Review n ow that we've lived with it for a few months: Everyone is different, uses their jeep differently, and has different tolerances for different details in life. We run doors and windows at home. Needed a lockable space; After a few months, here is how we feel: Love the...
  19. Florida Roll Call!

    Had my first ride through Citrus WMA today with the Orlando Jeep Club. A good small group of 6 jeeps, pretty woods, some decent articulation, pretty dry so only a few mud holes, and a few caves to explore on foot. Just over an hour from home. Great day.