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  1. Florida Factory led fogs

    $100 shipped to the lower 48
  2. Florida Rustys spare tire carrier

    That is correct.
  3. Florida Sold: Rustys spare tire carrier

    Brand new in the boxes not opened. I just received this a month or so ago after waiting approximately 4 to get it, but have decided to do a spare delete. I do not want to ship but I can on your dime ( I would figure around $50-75 to the lower 48 ). $725 firm
  4. Roof just started creaking (Sky One Touch).

    Mine has done that pretty much since day one. My guess it's the fiberglass flexing while driving. Mine seems to do it first thing in the morning and only a couple of times when heading in to work. I don't see any spider web cracks in the paint anywhere or anything that would cause a concern at...
  5. New York Dynatrac Endurosport 2" lift

    Direct from Dynatrac. I ordered two kits and they gave me free shipping.
  6. Florida Rubicon oem steel bumper skid plate

    Yes I do and I am just North of Daytona in Ormond Beach
  7. Florida Factory led fogs

    Factory led fog lights and harness for plastic sport bumper. Got a few thousand miles on them. $125 shipped to the lower 48 only
  8. Florida Sold: Rubicon oem steel bumper skid plate

    I bought this when I bought my steel bumper from Quadratec and decided not to use it plus I didn’t want to possibly have to modify it for the Warn winch mounting plate. Still sealed in the plastic and includes the frame brackets for non Rubicon models and the bolts that mounts it to the bumper (...
  9. Pennsylvania New, Carpet Mat $40

    If you decide shipping is an option let me know
  10. Will 35’s fit on stock tire carrier

    Thanks for the link, but it appears that only the light is taller and not the mount itself. A little info on what I am trying to do.... I have a Sport S with the Mopar Beadlocks and 35" Toyo MT's. I really don't want to buy a full blown tire carrier/tailgate reinforcement bracket. I feel...
  11. Will 35’s fit on stock tire carrier

    I just read through this but was curious to know if the factory Rubicon tire carrier is a bit higher than the factory one on the Sport models?
  12. 2.0 & Idling

    I let mine warm up until the rpms drop down, but coming from a Diesel I am used to that.
  13. North Carolina SOLD Mopar Steel Front Bumper

    What part of NC? I have family in Charlotte.
  14. Florida Roll Call!

    Ormond Beach here
  15. Pennsylvania OEM JLUR Tire Carrier $25

    Are you referring to the bracket that holds the brake light or the carrier itself?
  16. New York Dynatrac Endurosport 2" lift

    Just purchased new Thursday so no longer interested