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  1. Best wiper blades?

    I'm taking mine for oil change this week and was going to have them put new Mopar ones on. Mine are almost 3 years old and still ok. Question.. I never liked switching out the entire blade since the new one never seemed to ride as flat on the window. having said that, you can't get much...
  2. 2019 JLUR auto high beam

    refresh my memory. I have lost options on my JLUR but no auto high beam. I don’t recall if it was an option. Anyone else remember?
  3. What bumper is this?

    A friend bought a used JL Sahara and it has this bumper. Does anyone know who makes it? He is interested in switching it back to stock. I’ll check the marketplace for one.
  4. Leather armrest shredding

    All good thoughts. It is defiantly from the buckle. I liked the neoprene sleeve suggest but there is no way to wraps it around.
  5. Leather armrest shredding

    see, that’s simple, and i thought I might be missing the simple answer. However, I just checked and the driver door armrest is not a 360 degree opening around the handle. If it was, this would be a good solution.
  6. Leather armrest shredding

    I am frustrated as I don't' see people with this issue and it must be how I unbuckle. This one does not show a photo, but pretty sure it is same issue. Anyone removed/replaced door armrests? | 2018+ Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, Unlimited -
  7. Leather armrest shredding

    Sorry forgot to attach photo.
  8. Leather armrest shredding

    I’ve seen a couple on here with same issue but no real solution except pay really close attention when unbuckling I am about to install my third driver door armrest. The previous two had lacerations on the leather. I think the leather layer was scraped by the seatbelt when unbuckling. I...
  9. People Stop, My Brights are not on!!

    9 times out of 10 the car flashing me has not probably not cleaned the inside of their windshield properly in years. glare sucks - clean your windows :)
  10. Tesla Cybertruck debuts tonight. Anyone been following?

    I am NOT a fan of Tesla's car. However, I would consider this as a pickup for odd projects...well....because it is odd. Priced same as some other trucks and the built in ramp is cool. Now, if they only threw in the ATV.
  11. Diesel Engine in a Jeep - why?

    Not sure if this was said... It could simply be for international market. When traveling to DR and Costa Rica I wondered why there were no Jeeps. I was told (correct or not) that diesel is the fuel of choice there. Yes, this is not going to bump there sales that much but could be a factor. If...
  12. Best roof hoist 18-19 JLU

    I second the Racor with Topsy. I though long and hard about simple straps. My worry was ME, not the straps. Would I be able to easily raise and lower the top without dropping it? I was finally sold on the Racor. The shelf is an extra bonus. In the summer it holds the Freedom Panels. In the...
  13. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    That was my concern. I wanted it to be easy up and down and I didn't want to worry about dropping it. With that said, many use the strap method and are happy with it. I have noticed that using the drill, I must go slow in raising it. Otherwise, the cable doesn't wind correctly.
  14. DIY Hardtop hoist ideas - brainstorming

    I debated for a long time and finally dropped the money on the Racor lift with Topsy brackets. The deciding factors was the storage platform and not wanting to spend too much time "designing" one.
  15. Cracked Windshield Club

    IS anyone having issues with getting OEM glass with ACC camera in windshield?
  16. Cracked Windshield Club

    6 months in and first crack. Thanks to this forum, I added zero comprehensive to my auto policy and it will cost me nothing. Safelite showed up with the wrong window. I had told them on the phone I had the ACC window. Now I am waiting for them to find me the correct one.
  17. Tire/backup camera dilemma

    Interesting. Let me know how it holds up over the coming weeks. I had no issues with back up sensor until the Jeep dealer rotated the tires. I was going to call the shop that put the 35's on and ask. Now I see why. It may be that they put a slight spacer on the bottom and when they dealer...
  18. Hello From JeepCares

    I picked up my 2019 JLUR in Feb and it comes with Jeep Wave. When I call dealers they have a hard time telling me what service is included in that program. Is it spelled out anywhere what they should do each service? One dealer said oil and no tire rotation. another had a hard time answering...
  19. Hardtop Cart / Holder DIY

    140 to remove hard top, unpack soft top from box and install soft top. Seems too long but I did take it slow first time
  20. Bright White JLUR with white top and black fenders?

    We did black top and fenders. Not a day goes by that some stranger doesn’t walk up and say wow