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  1. Arkansas Alien SunShade

    Sorry sold it earlier
  2. Arkansas Sold: Alien SunShade

    I have an Alien Sunshade for sale front and back for JLU 4door. I put it on and used for only 3 weeks then sold my Jeep. Can leave on with hard top! Paid $100 asking $60 with FREE shipping!
  3. Rubicon shock swap

    Thanks for the info. I found the longer LCAs for about $30/each. Plan is to wait a couple months, then buy 33's and put shocks/springs/LCAs/tires on all at once, get an alignment and that'll be it.
  4. Rubicon shock swap

    Hey guys quick question. I have a 2018 JLU Sport S with teraflex 1.5" level. About to get 2020 JLU Rubicon shocks and springs on the cheap. Any issues swapping shocks and springs to the Rubicons and leaving the 1.5" level? Thanks in advance!
  5. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Yeah, mine completely went away upon removal. I'm going to try to sell them and get something with a little more step for my wife. I live the looks but that rattle freaking wore me out!
  6. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Ok dude, I got them off. I haven't really had a chance to drive a lot and see if it went away. So give me a couple days and I'll report back. I haven't heard the knocking/rattling in the few miles I've driven so far! Mine always felt solid, but the noise was frustrating as hell and more...
  7. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Now I put those on and a 1.5" teraflex level, if I drive over a rough spot I hear knocking. I haven't pin pointed the noise yet. It's coming from the rear and is worse with weight in the rear. Everything with suspension seems tight but I'm thinking about taking the rails off and seeing if it...
  8. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

  9. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Mine look to be the same on both sides, 1st 2 picks are passenger rear, and other 2 pucs are passenger front
  10. 2" Teraflex level issues

    Ok so about 6- 8 weeks ago I had the level kit installed. It's my daily driver, and usually I'm alone just driving back and forth to work. However I notice this weekend with both my sons 12 and 15 in the back, that going over rough roads there seems to be knocks that come from the rear. When I'm...
  11. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    How about the other side:) I haven't had time really to take but a pic from each side the other day
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added rails and 1.5" level
  13. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Thanks a million, I'm talking to Sean through quadratec, emailed him and sent pics
  14. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Heres one of the spots
  15. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Ok, finally got them on, 1 body mount bolt in the front. I bought them from @Quadratec and they were wrapped well but there are a few spots where the rough coating has came out of the packaging that way...
  16. DV8 SRJL-03 Sliders

    Man I've been sooo busy, hadn't had the chance to mount, hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll get them on! But I love them so my garage floor.....
  17. Rugged Ridge phone holder

    I got the same, and I find that the plastic nut that secures the holder to the pivot prevents the phone to directly face the driver. Seems to angle up.....I'm exploring options to delete the plastic nut and secure using another method.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hahahaha! I totally did not notice that!
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Fuel door, tint, stubby antenna, tire cover and rugged ridge phone mount(I'm going to have to modify due to it being angled up...) also have dv8 rails and teraflex level in my garage to go on soon! Twas a good Christmas
  20. Teraflex Level kit

    Hey guys I searched through the threads and I'm having a hard time getting a definite answer. Heres my question: I purchased a 1.5" Teraflex level kit. Basically just pucks in front and rear. I'm adding rails soon, eventually bumpers, and larger tires(but not until my tires start wearing out). I...