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  1. Recommendation for Dealer Service in Denver Metro?

    Ha! The answer is the one that can be "serviced" and resolved.... :LOL: Joking aside, I appreciate the input! One of the dealerships I went to was part of the AutoNation conglomerate and while I have nothing bad to say about them as a whole, it seems you're really at the mercy of the...
  2. Recommendation for Dealer Service in Denver Metro?

    Hello fellow CO Jeepers! I have a handful of items I'd like to get fixed before my warranty expires end of the year and I'm having a hard time getting my vehicle in for diagnosis. This has happened twice now: I get a call (or text) the day before my appointment informing me that they are...
  3. Colorado Sold: JLUS Fenders Free

    Great condition JLUS fenders for pickup in Denver.
  4. Colorado WTB: Rubicon Front Fenders and Liners

    I know someone’s got a set in their basement...
  5. Colorado WTB: Rubicon Front Fenders and Liners

    Looking for stock plastic front fenders and liners from a rubicon. Would prefer LED, but will buy halogen if the price is right. PM me if you’ve got a set.
  6. Utah Rubi takeoffs

    Did the fenders sell?
  7. Colorado Sold: Free Plastic Rear Sport Bumper

    Plastic bumper from JLUS with damage. This is heading to the trash end of the week. If for some reason someone wants this, let me know. There is some damage as shown in the picture.
  8. Colorado Free Mud Flaps

    I’m in Denver. If that is close for you, PM me some availability next week for pickup and they’re yours!
  9. Colorado Rear Bumper

    I’ll send you a DM! Thanks
  10. Colorado Free Mud Flaps

    I’d prefer to try and give this away locally first, but if they linger I’ll PM you. Thanks!
  11. Colorado Rear Bumper

    The rear plastic bumper on my Sport took some damage so I’m looking for a cheap (ideally free) plastic sport or rubicon bumper. I would also consider an OEM metal one if the price is right.
  12. Colorado Sold: Free Mud Flaps

    I have a set of 4 Jeep mud flaps for anyone who wants them. I only ever installed the front two until I purchased rails/steps. You’ll need to get the the plastic rivet things to secure them. I believe they are the same as the fender liners. local pickup only
  13. RSE Wired to BCM?

    I picked up a set of RSE Slider Steps and I'm wondering if anyone has been able to wire them directly to the door ajar wires similar to how the AMP steps are installed and avoid the included magnet and reed switches. See page 8 of the AMP Research steps here on their method...
  14. DW & V41: What else should be performed?

    Thank you Kate. I picked up the Jeep today and will evaluate it over the next few days and for sure DM you if I encounter any issues. Steven
  15. DW & V41: What else should be performed?

    As a data point: I have a 100% stock 2019 JLUS with just over 12,000mi and just experienced my first full-on death wobble yesterday. Thankfully, and ironically, I was already scheduled to have the V41 performed today as I started noticing an extra oscillations or two recently after hitting...
  16. [WTB] [Colorado - Denver Metro]: JLU Premium Soft Top

    Still looking - local offers only
  17. [WTB] [Colorado - Denver Metro]: JLU OEM Side Steps

    PM me if you have a pair to unload.
  18. [WTB] [Colorado - Denver Metro]: JLU Premium Soft Top

    Are you asking how much I am wiling to pay? PM me and let me know what you're looking for.
  19. [WTB] [Colorado - Denver Metro]: JLU Rubicon Steel Bumpers

    I'm looking for both front and rear bumpers without the parking sensors.