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  1. Minnesota New In Box CMM Mirrors and Mounting Hardware

    Are these still available? willing to ship?
  2. Sunshades... A year later?

    like my alienshade and have had it installed since last august or so. it's still nice and tight.
  3. Alabama JL Rubicon Wheels/Tires/TPMS $1150 SOLD

    (5) stock rubicon wheels, tires and tpms sensors. 7200 miles on set, rotated spare into service at 4000 miles. Both the wheels and tires are in like new condition showing very little to no where. located near Birmingham, AL $1150
  4. New guy from Alabama

    Nice looking jeep, i'm over in Chelsea. How is the jeep with 35's i've been debating about going to 35's but keep talking myself out of it.
  5. Garage Plasma Cutter Q's

    Hey guys, long story short i've always thought the idea of a plasma cutter would be badA growing up and now i'm finally have an opportunity i think and would like your opinions. Locally a guy is selling a 4'x4' plasma table with torch height controller, computer and software. The plasma is a...
  6. Rubicon 3.6L MPG. No Sport or Sahara

    Stock rubi with 6000 miles (87 oct), over the life of the vehicle i'm averaging 18.5 MPG. i'd say thats 50/50 driving. On the interstate keeping it under 75 i can pull 20 on the flat sections. Wind kills mpg, i'd say i drive slightly conservatively. Same interstate stretch a day apart i averaged...
  7. Tire width question

    not on a wrangler but on another vehicle i have had both and prefer the 275 70 18 over the 285 65 18. The 285's were definetly visual wider but also seemed to be visually shorter as well. The 285's felt significantly heavier and tended to get worse gas mileage but that could be any number of...
  8. WTB Rubicon Steel Bumpers (BHM,AL)

    What to buy steel bumpers, in particular the front. Located in Birmingham, AL; am willing to drive some distance for pick up.
  9. Sold

    285 75 17 or the stock 285 70 17? if the former i'm interested.
  10. Testing this out. ryobi cordless air compressor

    don't do it, i have the exact model. i sometimes use it to air up a tire on my truck that has a slow leak, we're talking about needing 10 psi or less. i always have to break it into 2 or 3 segments because the compressor gets quite hot (don't want to burn it up). The unit can do probably 1 psi...
  11. BRIGHT WHITE Wrangler JL Club

    are those the gray finish relations race wheels? Looked real hard at those wheels. they look good!
  12. Rubicon Slider Upgrade

    looks good! i bought an extra set to do the same thing with just haven't got around to it yet.
  13. Winch Bumper Build

    looks real good man!
  14. Show us your CUSTOM MODS!!

    That's pretty slick, where did you get it/make it?
  15. fifteen52 TURBOMAC HD wheels available now for all JL Wranglers

    Does the simulated beadlock ring come off?
  16. Mopar Beadlocks

    Looking to buy Mopar Beadlocks, located in Birmingham, AL. Willing to travel some distance for pickup.
  17. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    does anyone have any 285 or 295 wide tires on a 4.3" backspace? Found a great deal on some, it's a good bit less backspacing than i would prefer but i've only seen 12.5 or 13.5 witht this offset. Has anyone found a way to extend the camera housing to get a better view with the deeper dish wheels?
  18. WTB: Rubi Rock Rails (BHAM)

    i'll keep that in mind, with it being fall my weekends stay pretty full. Will definitely keep you in mind.
  19. WTB: Rubi Rock Rails (BHAM)

    Want to buy rock rails, located in Birmingham metro area.