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  1. Need help with correcting rear end sag

    Hello all. I have a 3.5 Metalcloak Gamechanger lift with Rocksport shocks on my JL. I also have 1350 front and rear Adams driveshafts. I recently added a rooftop tent and have noticed that my rear end has sagged with all the additional weight. What would be the best way to correct this? Would...
  2. Need advice please. Looking to regear and upgrade axle shafts.

    Appreciate it! I'll look into the video. I hadn't found any reviews on aftermarket ball joints so this will definitely help!
  3. Need advice please. Looking to regear and upgrade axle shafts.

    Hey thanks everyone for the replies/advice. Apologies for taking so long to reply, have been in the field for work. I think I'm set on the 2 piece RCV shafts up front due to researching and having hearing that the one peice FAD delete has caused some weird vibration issues with some. For the...
  4. Need advice please. Looking to regear and upgrade axle shafts.

    Mods please move to different section if posted in wrong one. Hello all. I have a 18 JLUR with 3.5 metalcloak gamechanger w/metalcloak front driveshaft on 37's with Hutchinson Rock Monster beadlocks. Obviously the setup is heavy. I've lost power and I need to regear soon and I'm also worried...
  5. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Appreciate it! Will definitely let you know when we get a better timeline on things and I'll send you a PM. Should know more by tomorrow evening. Would be great to link up with you all.
  6. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    I'm visiting family in PA now and on the 23rd my wife and I will be attending the 3-day 101, 102 and basic winch classes. Trying to get my wife some more experience. We plan on sticking around a few days after the classes to try to do some of the more difficult trails. Would like to do the badge...
  7. What's on your Jeep "to do" list?

    In the same boat. Can't decide whether to go with ARB twin compressor's or a Powertank. Plus's and minuses to both
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Warn Zeon 12S Platinum Winch. Can't wait to get back out on the trails and put it to work.
  9. Louisiana Rock Slide Engineering Power Step Sliders JLU

    Sent you a Private Message. Thanks!
  10. JLUR not getting compliments

    Looks pretty badass to me (although I'm partial to Jeeps, lol).
  11. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Here's my '18 JLUR firecracker red build Sasquatch. Still a work in progress.
  12. Can the windshield catches be removed?

    Yes, I plan to first lay the vinyl, then cut it to fit the holes and reinstall the catches that way it'll look more lined up. Thanks for the videos!
  13. Can the windshield catches be removed?

    Hello all! I'm wanting to put a decal on my hood and was wondering if the rubber windshield catches are able to be removed completely to be able to place the vinyl underneath it. I tried to search online and couldn't find anything on it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Question about tire width for crawling

    Awesome. Thanks for the help!
  15. Question about tire width for crawling

    Hello all. I'm looking to upgrade from 35's to 37's (BFG KM3's) and want to get into rock crawling more. Is it better to go with a wider tire, for example 13.5 instead of 12.5? I guess my limited reasoning would be to go with a wider tire since you'd have more rubber in contact with the...