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  1. Indiana $650.00- 2 door Soft top w/ tinted windows & window bag

    Would you ship or be willing to hand it to a shipping service at your door for me?
  2. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    They have been on there for over a year. I chipped the powdercoat in one spot and it is beginning to rust and peel the powdercoat off, but most of that is because of the winter salt grime they put on the roads. I primarily bought them because they were so cheap. You could easily get some...
  3. Wife drove in 4L for 20 Miles at 60 miles per hour.

    How is this possible? Even with a Tazer, the JL has a factory speed limiter of 30mph in Low range, regardless of engine RPM.
  4. California Forgestar Edge Weld Racing BNIB

    Solid seller. I like that these are light, and the valve stems and lug nuts are tucked out of the way to reduce trail damage.
  5. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    Lots of really good info in here. I'll give a more thorough/brief summary of my findings: -Traction control: if this is on, all three features are enabled (TC, SC, BLD). I am telling you right now that if you try to climb a hill with limited traction (especially a sand dune), you probably...
  6. All Fender Flare Options (I think)

    OEDRO flares. Minimalistic, no lights. I bought my full (front/rear) set on Amazon for $89. So cheap it doesnt hurt your wallet bad when you rub a tree.
  7. 1-1.5" lift with 37’s possible?

    Just to make things clear, its not the "amount of lift at ride height" that makes it whether you can clear larger tires or not, its the shock travel at full compression, matched with your bump stops. I have factory bump stops and can clear 37's on the factory springs with no lift at all if I...
  8. Traction Control - On vs Off when off-roading

    I cant stand the traction control off road. Any wheel spin and it just cuts power. I can barely tolerate the stability control off road. Not quite as sensitive or invasive as the traction control, but in some situations where you really need some wheel spin, the throttle will almost...
  9. 1-1.5" lift with 37’s possible?

    Stock springs. I only run the 2" spacers for more belly clearance on the trail and more up travel to offset pounding the whoops in the dunes. I could pull out the spring spacers and it would work with a lower CG, but I like the extra clearance. Shocks are Rough Country Vertex remote...
  10. 1-1.5" lift with 37’s possible?

    I'll try to get some when I can. The Paramount fenders are a good fit and made of ABS plastic. They can be tweaked with a heat gun or repaired with plastic bonder epoxy if needed. Very light weight, and much better tire clearance than the stock liners or the Rough Country metal liners. I am...
  11. Rough Country Vertex shocks review

    When I tested the height change, I did absolutely no other changes than switching from the stock Rubicon shocks to these shocks. Measurements were taken at fender flare edges after pushing the rig down and letting it rise back up on its own. These shocks work great with 0- 2" spacer lift and...
  12. Anything wrong with running RC adjustable front control arms?

    I run the RC front and rear adjustable track bars and front lower arms. Excellent products!
  13. Looking for opinions on shocks.

    My RC Vertex are not IFP shocks. IFP shocks have more limited travel per shock length because the internal piston takes up room in the stroke of the shock. The lack of internal piston is why these shocks can use the stock bump stops but have increased travel.
  14. Tazer Mini needs to stay married?

    Thank you Jay for the awesome explanation. I discovered that if you uplug the Tazer to go to the dealer and dont plug the connectors back into the SGW that the 8.4 screen doesnt boot, but the vehicle is still driveable. I have only taken mine to the dealer once, and did not unmarry the...
  15. Understanding JL Rake

    I did some spring coil wire diameter measurements a year ago. Comparing my Rubicon 2-door with tow package, hard top, and steel bumper group to an identical optioned 4-door model. I found the 4-door front spring wire diameter a tad SMALLER and the rear spring diameter a tad BIGGER than my...
  16. Putting on a Magnuson Supercharger -lets build!

    2019 3.6 here. I run 87 octane all the time and never noticed any pinging at all. Mine currently has 7k+ miles. On almost any stock engine, if you bump the compression by decreasing the squish clearance (say, going from 0.050" to 0.035"), you often actually INCREASE the octane tolerance of...
  17. Airing up tires after off roading?

    Ive used an MV90 for years and recently bought one of the Smittybilt units. The Smittybilt unit flat-out gets it done!