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  1. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Hey guys so I plan on doing my install this weekend. My only question is, do I bring my remote wire to my LOC or to the amp? It’s a self powered Sub with built in amp
  2. JK Wheels on a JL?

    Put the synergy 1.75 spacers today
  3. Anyone have pics of Sport with 33’

    I’ve got a sport with 18” Sahara wheels off a JK, tires are falken wildpeak 265/70r18 which comes out to 32.6 X 10.4 I wanted to stay with the 17s but got a good price on this setup.
  4. JK Wheels on a JL?

    Got these installed Monday. 18inch JK Sahara wheels with 265/70 Falken wildpeak everything mounted up with no issues. Installing 1.75 spacers this weekend. Stock suspension sport.
  5. Wheel Spacers for JL

    Quick question for you guys, I’m new to the Jeep community.i have a JLUS. I just purchased some JK Sahara wheels and have tires coming soon. I wanna run the 1.75 spacers, do I need to buy different lug nuts or will the stock ones fit fine? Also the wheels should mount up right?
  6. JK Wheels on a JL?

    Hey everyone I’m about to pull the trigger on some tires and just needed some info. I got some JK Sahara wheels and about to order 265/70r18 wildpeaks and 1.75 inch spacers. Do I need aftermarket lugnuts? Or will the stock ones work fine? Also this setup should work fine?
  7. Oversized Spare Tire Carrier Needed for 35's?

    Anyone know if I can put a 265/70 on stock Sahara JK 18s on the back of a JL sport?
  8. Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

    Hey guys so I’ve gone back and forth a lot on wheels and tires. I have a JLUS I found these JK wheels on FB owner says they’re 17s but I thought these only came in 18s? Can anyone verify if they did indeed come in 17s. He also said they’re off a Sahara. I feel like a lot of the time on FB people...
  9. New Jersey WTB Rubicon Take offs

    Not really, trying to stick with 33s
  10. New Jersey WTB Rubicon Take offs

    ok well I’m def interested lmk if they back out. I could come get them this weekend
  11. New Jersey WTB Rubicon Take offs

    @Avar928 I would actually be down for that. @RAZE are they the Ko2s? 285/70 17?
  12. New Jersey WTB Rubicon Take offs

    Hey all, I’m looking for some Rubi takeoffs wheels and tires. Or just a set of 33s in general.l don’t necessarily need the wheels with them. I’m located in Westchester NY. Able to travel into NJ, PA depending on how far.
  13. JK Wheels on a JL?

    So just to be sure. These are off a 2013 Sahara. Will they fit my JLU Sport?
  14. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Awesome thanks! I’ll start with the sub and see how that goes. So does tapping into the rear speaker wires eliminate the need to tap into the head unit like I’ve done in the past?
  15. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    ok so my powered sub actually has both Pre Amp and speaker level inputs. So does that mean I don’t need the LOC? Also if I were to use that mini amp and replace the speakers would I still need the PAC Amp pro? Just trying to keep this simple and cheap. Or should I just replace the front dash...
  16. Aftermarket subwoofer??

    Hey guys just seeking some info. I have a 2019 JLU with the 7inch. I have this powered sub from my last car and wanted to use it in my wrangler. And this...
  17. Adding powered subwoofer and small amp with the stock speakers?

    Any luck with this? I’m looking into doing something similar?
  18. Jeep Wrangler JL Stock Sound System

    Hey guys I got a question. I have a ‘19 JLU Sport with the 7”. I’m not looking to do anything crazy as the car is a lease, but would like to upgrade the audio a little. I have this power pack from my last car that I never got around to...
  19. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Hey guys, I have a 2019 JLUS with the 7inch. I have a sub and mini amp from my last car that I never got around to installing. I’m not looking for crazy improvements as my car is a lease and don’t wanna go crazy with it. But if I’m gonna live with the car for the next 4 years I’d like to have a...