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  1. California Rubicon wheels

    I have a set of 5, 4 are used and were taken off at 10k miles. 5th tire is brand new. Tires have factory sensors in them. Came off my 2019 Rubicon I’m looking for $1000.00 obo
  2. Need help, E-Brake loose

    Update, the shop just got back to me saying they did disconnect it to install the new lift. Obviously they said to bring it back to the shop. However if I can just reconnect it, where would that location or locations be and is it easy?
  3. Need help, E-Brake loose

    Hey everyone, just had my Jeep lifted and noticed when I got home, my E-Brake was pretty loose on touch when I tried to use it after I parked. As I engage it, it’s pretty loose and has decent movement and goes all the way up to locking position. Just asking everyone if they had this problem...
  4. California Sold: Front and Rear bumper FREE

    Stock OEM front and rear Jeep JL bumper. Great condition, no dents or holes. Came off my 19 JLUR Located in Bay Area
  5. California Sold: Jeep front and rear bumper

    I have a steel front and rear bumper for a JL. Front bumper comes with side caps and bull bar and winch plate. Rear bumper comes standard to oem. Bumper are not OEM, both are after market. Bumpers have not been mounted or used. Looking for $400 Located on Bay Area
  6. KC Hilites G34s install Help!

    Hey everyone!! I installed the G34s in the rear bumper as back up lights and I wired them into the Aux wiring for easy activation. However once I finished and tested the lights only one worked... I know the wiring harness came with a lot of wiring and including red, black and a yellow and a...
  7. NorCal Jeep shop recommendations

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for a new shop in northern cali or Bay Area to get my JLUR lifted. Hoping to find a good shop of guys that are knowledgeable and love jeeps and show it by their work. Thanks!
  8. 2.0 Turbo with 35s or 37s PICS

    Thanks guys! They all look great!
  9. 2.0 Turbo with 35s or 37s PICS

    Any power issues running the 37s?
  10. 2.0 Turbo with 35s or 37s PICS

    I’m getting ready to lift my Rubicon and deciding whether to go with either 35s or possibly 37s. Post your rig and comment whether you have any issues whatever size you’re running. Thanks!!
  11. 2019 JLUR LED upgrade help

    Awesome! Thanks brother!
  12. 2019 JLUR LED upgrade help

    I bought my 2019 JLUR without the LED lighting package unfortunately. I want to know if I buy OEM LED fog lights, will they be plug and play or will I have to use a Tazer to activate them. Thanks!
  13. Who needs a Gladiator...

    tite size 35 or 37?
  14. Who needs a Gladiator...

    what size lift and wheels? Looks great
  15. California EVO Powdercoated JL tire rack (Norcal) $450

    I’ll give you $250 and pick up
  16. How Can We Help?

    Hi Ben, yes if you’re able to get me the right connectors that I will need, that would be great! Thanks!
  17. Need Help with Reverse Lights!

    I’ve seen people mount small pod lights under the bumper, I think Baja lights have a forum or a thread on it. The Smoked taillights looks great, We’re they just plug and play?
  18. How Can We Help?

    Hello, I’m trying to locate and buy the wiring harness for a LED DRL on a 2019 rubicon fender. Thanks

    Looking to buy new or used 2019/2020 OEM DRL fender lights off of JLUR with wiring harness. I have a 2019 JLUR. I will pay for shipping.