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  1. Best Routine Cleaning For Leather Seats

    For light and regular cleaning of leather I prefer to use Optimum Protectant Plus paired with horse hair brush. Spray, agitate and the wipe up with a microfiber.
  2. Would Sahara wheels improve the street driveability of my Rubicon?

    Interesting, I just replaced the 32" Dueler H/T 18s on my sport Altitude for BFG K02s with the E rating and ride is just as good and feels more connected to the road.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Added a set rough country auxiliary lights and rugged ridge antenna base with 15 inch stubby.
  4. Just ordered 2022 Jeep Willy

    Highly unlikely that its delivered by Jan 31. I ordered mine in Aug 9 and took delivery Nov. 23. When I originally placed my order Jeep gave me the time frame of 8-10 weeks and the dealer quoted 10-12. I hope you get yours soon though. This is my first time owing a Jeep and I love it.
  5. Ceramic Coating.... Yes or No?

    There are plenty of prosumer options that fill in the gap between the srpay Totally agree on the perfect part, I'll coat a brand new car without putting a polisher on it. I'd be interested in which consumer versions that are almost as good as a pro version. For me and the cost hard to beat...
  6. Canada - Ontario Bridgestone Dueler 255/70/R18 new set of 4

    I been trying to sell a set for $500 an no luck hoping to see them gone after we transition to the new year.
  7. Bittersweet Day: Traded in my JLU for a Ford..

    Nothing wrong with a Ford Explorer we have 2017 that we use for long trips or when we have extra folks with us.
  8. What did Santa Bring for your Jeep this Christmas?

    Well I was able to contact Quadratec customer service this morning and must say I am impressed. Emailed me a pre paid return label and they have replacement parts shipping out today.
  9. What did Santa Bring for your Jeep this Christmas?

    Well Santa brought me some Oracle Smoked LED taillights via Quadratec and when I got them out of the box they were most definitely a return item from a previous customer with damage to them. Whoever bought them and tried to install them clipped the resistor from the wiring harness. Very...
  10. 33's on a Sport/Sahara?

    In my honest opinion this is the ideal set up for the majority of jeeps on the road today
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    In the first month of ownership. I've added drop steps, fuel door, windows tinted, just got some BFGs put on all after doing a full detail with ceramic coating for the paint and trim
  12. JL Sport Altitude with 275/70R 18, No Lift, No Rub

    Bit the bullet and went down to the tire shop, got some 265/70R18 BFG KO2 put on. No sacrifice on the ride and actually feels more connected to the road
  13. LED Upgrades

    I'm looking at led upgrades myself, wondering if just bulb replacement would be just as good as a housing replacement for the front.
  14. California Steel Rubicon Bumpers

    dang for once in my life I wished I was in Cali
  15. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Its a blast cant wait for spring to get here and swap to the soft top. But first I got to do something with the abomination that Jeep did with the tires they put on mine. They should make 33 inch all terrains standard equipment.
  16. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    First time Jeep owner. Northeast Mississippi
  17. Sport Altitude or Rubicon

    I think the Altitude is the perfect blend of all the trims offered. I sorted through all the available offerings for a week gathering pricing and available options on each one and pulled the trigger on the Altitude. I specked mine out with the following: 2.0 turbo with auto trans, lsd rear end...
  18. Sport Altitude or Rubicon

    what size tire you got there? 275/70 BFG All Terrain? I'm taking my sport altitude to the tire shop next week and cant make up my mind.
  19. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    Well my story is we have been married almost 22 years and she has either driven a car or mid size suv and I've always drove a truck. Since the acquisition of a Polaris Ranger I rarley used the truck anymore other than a daily driver so I took advantage of the market and cashed out the truck with...