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  1. Diesel Heaters

    I just got one and put in a pelican case. Haven't camped with it yet but it put out a ton of heat in my backyard!
  2. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Nice it looks like a blast!! I'm hoping to get up there soon! Maybe Friday before all the weekend traffic hits.
  3. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Thanks they updated the software last time the battery died. I was just trying to avoid the aux battery killing the main battery until I make it to the dealer. Still fighting with the idea of swapping it my self, but since it's still under warranty that idea really hurts.
  4. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    So to sum up 35 pages, can I just put a fuzed jumper between N1 and N2 and remove the aux negative from the main battery (taped with electric tape)and run it temporarily until my warranty appt in January?
  5. California ISO: 2021 JL Fenders - White

    FYI I swapped over to the LED finders w/o issue from a Rubicon to my Sport. If you have a programmer for tire size or anything most have a function to enable LED's.
  6. 17 weeks and still “D”

    Looks like they're give you the "D". Sorry just needed to take the opportunity to say this! Didn't read through at all, but hope it works out soon!
  7. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Did some snowploring! Had a blast, only one lane so for passing I got to SEND IT into the snow... Also got to use my winch a fair amount also!
  8. NorCal Marketplace

    Sent you message.
  9. NorCal Marketplace

    I happen to have some taking up space in my garage. I'm over in Lincoln.
  10. Head unit from Stinger

    You have to buy a seperate memory card for the GPS app that it uses. FYI if you do grab the memory card to go with the unit, it has to be run in the head unit before it can be updated( that way you don't waste several hours bugging customer service and watching YouTube trying to figure that part...
  11. Head unit from Stinger

    There are several of us on the forum that have it. I replaced my crappy 5 in display with it and I'm really happy with it!
  12. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    I had just taken the top and doors off. Because of the smoke they are back on, and of course the last 2 days have been pretty nice.🤷‍♂️ But what can ya do?
  13. NorCal Caldor Fire forest closure

    I saw that. We attempted to take my mother-in-law to Lake Tahoe yesterday morning. While we were headed up we could see the huge smoke cloud. We ended up stopping at Apple Hill for a little while to get an update on the situation and decided to take some backroads back home to stay out of the...
  14. So anyone run 2 sets of tires?

    The main thing was all the rocks they would collect while on the trail and throwing them every which way at speed. Other than that just I feel the Duratracs do a little better out in the snow, but that's just personal opinion because the KO'S where really good also. I guess the main question is...
  15. So anyone run 2 sets of tires?

    Concern is mainly just wear and tear on steering and axle components. I also figure I would get just a smidgen better gas mileage on 35's vs 37's. I've run the KO2's before and although they are nice I wasn't a huge fan.
  16. So anyone run 2 sets of tires?

    Also please forgive any grammatical errors as I'm am actively grilling and drinking!
  17. So anyone run 2 sets of tires?

    Well I love my Duratrac's for DD, and quick day trips up to the mountains with the family especiallywhen it's snowing or icy. I was thinking of 37 milestars for off reading. By off roading it is a bit of rock crawling out here in Norcal. If Goodyear would ever make a 37 Duratrac I wouldn't be...
  18. So anyone run 2 sets of tires?

    So I'm thinking of running 2 sets of tires off road and street tires. Street would be 35's and off road would be 37's. So a little back ground info. I have a sport JLU with rubi axles, 8 speed auto and currently 35's. I am thinking of regearing and was thinking of 4.88 gears. My question is...
  19. Rock Slide Engineering Rocker Guards Install and Review

    Just wondering how you like these and how they are holding up now you've had the for a while.
  20. NorCal Wheeling, Camping, Recovery

    Nope it's a pretty easy trail so I was lazy and didn't worry about disconnecting. Somehow I forgot how strong the urge to drive over stuff that you can clearly go around is!