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  1. Whatcha name your Jeep?

    Thinking about "Yara" as in Greyjoy from the Game of Thrones. Because it is grey and it brings me joy. Thoughts?
  2. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    Nope all stock. I have not noticed any drop in height in the front on mine with everything I have added either.
  3. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    How does the ride feel with the rubic springs vs the sport springs?
  4. Advice regarding winch/bumper for a new off-roader

    I went with the Rubicon take off. I liked the look and wanted the winch to mount behind the bumper rather than on top. Also added some KC lights since this picture was taken. I went with the Warn 10S.
  5. Superchips flashcal for JL

    Am selling mine also. What needs to be done to unmarried it?
  6. Lemon Law Arbitration vs. Litigation

    I have been looking for someone who has done the PSC steering system. Very interested to hear how it drives and what it is like.
  7. FWIW 33s on Stock Sport

    I have been running 33’s on my sport s for about 8 months now. I have wheeled it a few times over fairly rugged terrain and have not scrapped once so in my experience you shouldn’t have any issues. As far as the speedo goes just bite the bullet and get a Taser, it is worth it for all the things...

    I am installing the kit on my sports and I cannot figure out how to get the connectors taken apart to insert the wires that plug into the lights. Mine have plugs in the port that you are suppose to insert the wire into. Also I cannot figure out where I need to go through te firewall to get to...
  9. How to tighten steering.

    Anyone installed the Big Bore XD Overlander steering kit? Takes it back to old school power steering. Interested in finding out if it eliminates the steering issues.
  10. Check in here if your steering is good. Tight, No wander, No Wobble

    2018 JL Sport S. Had steering issueswhen I first bought it but dealer performed technical bulletin and it is perfect now.