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  1. Gonz's '18 JLU Audio Upgrade w/pics

    I put the VX1000 5i in mine, but I just use a USB cable to attach to my laptop to adjust. The software was a little overwhelming at first, but not that I have a better understanding it is really easy. Very happy with the sound and the quality. Nice job on your post also!!
  2. Metra JP-1014 Speaker Pods? (for 2018+ JL Wrangler or Jeep Gladiator)

    I used these in mine. Lined the inside with sound deadening and poly fill, then drilled a hole for the speaker wire. I couldn’t get the pre drilled holes to line up with my speakers, so I had to drill new holes for that. Otherwise, they worked great!
  3. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Just make sure you mount it so that the reset button isn’t being constantly pressed. Right @Sting_NC_USA ?
  4. Pulled over.

    Luckily, we don’t have any laws in NC (that I am aware of) that prohibit such things as that. We do have a law that prohibits a frame that covers any of the lettering or stickers on your license plate
  5. Powered side steps

    Could someone who has the AMP steps measure from the top of the step to the door sill and post that measurement? I am still undecided on the standard or the XL, and want to experiment before buying them.
  6. Powered side steps

    Could you measure from your door sill to the top of the step on your AMP XL’s? Still undecided on them or regular.
  7. Powered side steps

    I have looked at both the AMP XL and the RSE steps. I have decided to go with the AMP mostly because of the wider step. They also cover the pinch welds very well, and have a nice clean look. Both are rated for light to moderate off road use, so I don’t think either have an edge on durability and...
  8. Replacement LED Headlights / Fog Lights

    I just replaced all of my bulbs with LED bulbs from amazon. So much cheaper than buying the halo style, and they have been great so far!
  9. Powered side steps

    Thank you for that information. That was exactly what I needed to know!!!
  10. Powered side steps

    Do you have this installed? I’m just trying to make sure that the steps will still function normally with the doors on, but also that I can deploy and retract them for use when the doors are off. Also, does the switch deploy both sides or do I have to have separate switches on each side? Sorry...
  11. Powered side steps

    For those that have these installed, is there a way to make them deploy/retract when the doors are removed?
  12. JL Stealthbox

    I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure that the JL Audio Stealthbox has always came with the 10” sub installed. The SSV sub box had the option of having a sub installed or just an enclosure.
  13. Powered side steps

    I have been thinking of adding these to my Jeep as well. Can anyone explain the difference in the AMP XL and the regular AMP?
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Tuffy security enclosure, and gave my love a good bath! Cut it a little close on the sub!
  15. Has anyone swapped from halogens to leds?

    I’m getting a hyperflash on my turn signal from the bulbs mentioned in this thread, but only when the headlights are on. Anyone else have this issue? I’m wondering if using the Tazer was to enable LED’s will fix it?
  16. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    This is where I ordered mine. Free two day shipping.
  17. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    You can take what @Sting_NC_USA says as gospel. He know what he is doing, and the local dealer is awesome to work with! The JL Audio software is a little ominous at first, but now I am having a blast playing with it!
  18. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    JL Audio makes an amp rack that installs under the seat. It’s off of the floor 2”-3” and it is a universal fit for other amps.
  19. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    Good idea. The sub I installed takes up a third of the cargo area.
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Gave the love of my life a good bath and a coat of wax. Also put some trim pieces on the front vents for a little splash of color.