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  1. I'm impressed

    I have over 10,000 miles on my 4Xe and still love the power and driving it every day. You won't be disappointed.
  2. The Bubba Fett build

    Awesome, love the progress. I can't wait to see it finished.
  3. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    Thank you! I like the way the 4Xe blue looks on that gray, My 2018 JLRU was Silver. 2.5 in and put on 35's. looks about perfect to me.
  4. 4xe compared to...6 Cylinder

    I did have a 2018 JLRU V6 and now a 2021 JLRU 4Xe. I would 100% go with the 4Xe. No regrets at all. 375hp 470 torque. It's quick and fun to drive and I fill up the gas tank about every 5 to 6 weeks. I do with the tank was bigger. It's only 17gl and I have to stop more frequently on road trips...
  5. Rear bumper

    Are those lights in bumper?
  6. Rear bumper

    I bought the front and rear steel bumpers to replace the plastic ones my JLRU, I have the sensors for the rear and can't ever catch the mounting brackets and seals in stock to move the sensors over. The longer I wait I think I want to go with an aftermarket steel rear bumper. What would you...
  7. TrailRecon Tests Jeep 4xe Off-Road Electric Mode Range

    I just saw that earlier. I can't wait to see how he reviews it.
  8. Any reason for the limited color options on the 4xe Rubicon?

    I really like the way it looks and the sting gray. I actually this color looks better with the blue than the red.
  9. The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe Is A Shockingly Quick Electrified Wrangler [Redline Reviews]

    The power is the main reason I bought mine. I roll my eyes when I get told it's not green or gas millage isn't great when the battery is not fully charged. I smile every time the floor it.
  10. TrailRecon Tests Jeep 4xe Off-Road Electric Mode Range

    I watched this over the weekend. I was wandering if it was his or a "loaner"
  11. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Thank you, they are Fuel , Torque D689 17x9.
  12. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I love the 4Xe blue against the stingray.. That's what sold me on the color.
  13. 4xe complete shut down on busy highway

    I do not have updates from service. I have driven 2,500 miles since including a 200 mile road trip and have not had any other issues. Other than that one incident the 4Xe has been great to me. I have 90,000 plus more mile left on my warranty. I have no regrets with the purchase.
  14. Sky one touch toof

    I am so glad I went with the SOT. I wasn't sure at first about the looks with the rear windows out, but it grew on me quickly. I opened it on my way to lunch today, closed it as soon as I got back to work since there are heavy clouds in the sky. I had a hard top before and would have a little...
  15. 4xe complete shut down on busy highway

    Not at all! I had bought the 2018 JLRU in early 2018 , I soled it to get a VW Atlas Cross sport. I regretted that form week 1 and could not wait to get out and into another wrangler. It worked out well since I fell into the 4Xe. It's so fun to drive and I love the power. I can also charge at...
  16. 4xe complete shut down on busy highway

    I was using it, I almost always am. I have had no other issues at all. I have put on 2,500 miles since.... knock on wood.
  17. Cold climate = no go

    You have explained this over and over and in different ways. You have tried but it won't sink in for some people.
  18. Yellow fog light height vs. effectiveness

    Great thread, I have the same questions. I was going to just mount them on top. Very interested to hear what all have experienced.
  19. Cold climate = no go

    1st, Thank you for your service! I 2nd, WOW!!! A lot of assumption here. The hide behind the keyboard comment. So snowflake to you is shit talking? OK. Now because I think you are a snowflake you assume I disrespect the flag, and other things people do (what ever that is supposed to imply?)...