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  1. Ford Bronco Raptor Revealed : 400HP V6 w/ 37's

    The reveal makes me happy I chose to move forward with a 392. I initially was waiting on the "Warthog" but I am not feeling it. I think Ford would have been better off just offering the motor as an option. I know the Raptor thing is to make it look bigger, wider, etc but it just doesn't work...
  2. v6 or 392 help me pick

    I have a 392 on order. Personally, if you can afford it, I would go with the 392. My opinion is driven by the fact I've bought two cars in my life where I did not get the more powerful performance engine option and I always wound up regretting making the more sensible choice. Currently, I...
  3. aFe POWER releases 2 new exhaust systems for 392

    Only thing I don't like about the stock exhaust is the tips... a more aesthetically pleasing tip would be all I need.
  4. for those of you got the XR, what rpm @ 80 mph?

    Jeez, 85mph posted? So people are doing 95ish?
  5. Bury the Needle

    XR is limited to 110. Regular 392 is 99.
  6. Is there markup if you factory order a 392?

    There are several dealers who are selling under MSRP for orders. However, if you try to buy off a lot, ADMs seem pretty common (at least around these parts). I have not heard of any dealers who are mentioned on the forum reneging on price commitments but I have heard of a few stories of it...
  7. Quoted build/delivery time. Wait... What???

    I went through and sorted 2022, 6.4 and order date... there were about 400 392 orders showing up. I didn't manually count them but it couldn't have been maybe 10% or so had a found build sheet. The vast majority with a found build sheet were ordered prior to October. This is out of 55 pages...
  8. Quoted build/delivery time. Wait... What???

    I noticed very few 2022 392s are showing up in cryptostickers as being scheduled for build yet. I suspect the ones showing up are left over '21s that got bumped to 22. It looks like they are working on everything except 392 22s right now.
  9. XR Color poll

    I went with Sting Gray. However, hydro blue still catches my eye.
  10. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    Exactly. People who can pay $80k for a car have expectations when it comes to customer service and experience. As Jeep prices increase, they start attracting buyers who are in fact cross shopping other luxury brands in that price point. Jeep is a perfect alternative for Land Rover. It...
  11. Mojave interior pieces in 392

    I will either have the dash painted Cerakote Bronze or do the leather dash replacement. I'll probably also get Katzin leather in a color other than black. My one gripe is the interior finish for the 392 are pretty pathetic for it to be the top of the line model.
  12. 392 vs XR 392 suspension

    Yeah typo. Meant XR vs non-XR.
  13. 392 vs XR 392 suspension

    The XR is already setup for 35s. It comes with 35 tires. The suspension components are slightly different on the XR package (XR doesn't have fox shocks) to account for increased weight. However, the lift is the same. The gearing is also different on XR (4.56 vs 3.73) to accomodate for...
  14. Thor Has Landed! (392 XR in white)

    They are OEM, but not offered on 2022s. still shows it but doesn't show up on build sheet as an option anymore. I tried to order it for my 2022. However, you can find it at various places. Doesn't look to hard to install.
  15. The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe Is A Shockingly Quick Electrified Wrangler [Redline Reviews]

    Yup. I like the idea of the 4xE, I just don't want to give up the performance of the 392. So if I could get a 4xE that was as fast acceleration wise as a 392, but allowed me to just putt around on electric or hybrid for longer ranges when I wanted it would meet all my needs. Sound of a V8 not...
  16. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    This. I have a 392 on order. Currently driving a Grand Cherokee High Altitude. When I bought the JGC, I was cross shopping X5s, Rover, etc. While I love my Grand Cherokee, the dealer experience has been a huge downgrade that is unacceptable for higher end buyers they are hoping to attract...
  17. The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe Is A Shockingly Quick Electrified Wrangler [Redline Reviews]

    The point was to improve acceleration even further to match that of the 392 Rubicon which is quite a bit faster (not that the 4XE is a slouch though). 4XE can hang with a 392 Charger.
  18. The 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4xe Is A Shockingly Quick Electrified Wrangler [Redline Reviews]

    I wish they had a performance mode where all that electric power could be used to match the 392 acceleration if you don't care about the electric range / gas mileage. Basically, I'd like to be able to make my less than 2 mile daily commute or putt around my town on the batteries, but when I...
  19. Thor Has Landed! (392 XR in white)

    Thanks for the heads up. I like the old school steelie look. I am not really into flashy or overly complicated wheels. Trying to kind of keep my 392 looking like a sleeper / restomod. I am also considering Black Rhino Solids and KMC Roswells which are similar old school steelie look. I was...
  20. Graphic color choice

    Saw this video from Underground Graphics regarding gold or bronze on 392.