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  1. Hyline Summit Rear Bumper

    I love the bumper and I think you’ll be happy with it. I ran it on my old Jeep and simply moved it over to this one… so it has had lots of off-road use and abuse. On the tires, I’m on 37’s… Dana 60’s are in my future… but steering is next…. Just waiting on parts 🥺
  2. Exercising a Wrangler 392 on Hackett Gulch

    Here is one of the videos that shows my 392. Lots of mods and you get a few good shots of 14.5” of Flex!!!
  3. Hyline Summit Rear Bumper

    Yes, they perform just fine. Here is a picture
  4. Hyline Summit Rear Bumper

    I have one of their bumpers…. Not sure which model… but I also got their bumper-mounted tire carrier. I totally dig it and it is very solid. Easily one of the best made bumpers out there. Be warned, the rear camera mount is different if you have the factory front facing camera. I got my 392, in...
  5. Aftermarket 392 Driveshaft Measurements?

    I replaced both driveshafts when I did my evo coilovers. Had them custom made once the lift was installed and we could measure the droop. My shop was able to get every inch of travel… but you should be prepared to get some custom parts fabricated and do some trimming 😁
  6. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Here are a couple more of the silver ☝️
  7. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    Silver 392 is sitting on 37’s, with King Coilovers (Evo spec). Granite 392 has 35’s, with stock lift… I have the best wife of all time
  8. Exercising a Wrangler 392 on Hackett Gulch

    That’s nothing. Check out Trail Traveler, on YouTube. I run my 392 with them all the time. 37’s and King (evo spec) coilovers… to name a few. 25k and counting 😁
  9. 392 Skid Plates - Any recommendations and/or advice

    I ran RH on my 2019 JLUR, and went the same direction for my 392. Took 3 months to get them… but I know they will hold up without issue. I wheel almost every weekend, in Colorado, and I can tell you that Aluminum doesn’t slide as easily as steel. I would only go this route if you planned on...
  10. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    I live in Colorado and wheel every weekend. Same deal as always… 4 wheel low, crawling up an incline, and it dies. After restarting, the battery slowly drains… warning lights come on, electronics begin to fail, and she dies. Jeep dealership has been trying to get to the bottom of it, even...
  11. Supercharge or 392

    I don’t know if you knew this… but you cannot walk into a Jeep dealer and order a Jeep 392. You will have to buy one in the aftermarket or luck into one that someone backed out of.
  12. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    Supposedly my dealer was allotted 7 392s, I ordered 11/19/20 at 4:30pm (#4 of 7). Gave deposit same day and order was placed as a Sold Order on 11/19/20. Silver Billet, camera, floor mats, tow package. Got VIN 678xxx on 1/21/21. Still in D status. Anyone know why some people that ordered on the...
  13. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    TACKLIFE T8-Newer Model 800A Peak 18000mAh Car Jump Starter with LCD Display (up to 7.0L Gas, 5.5L Diesel Engine), 12V Auto Battery Booster with Smart Jumper Cable, Quick Charger
  14. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    My2019 JLUR died on the trail again, last weekend, on Balanced Rock. Same issue as always. Jeep stalls, restart and drive for a bit... voltage starts to drop and eventually dies. Get out, do a quick jumpstart, and the charging system starts working again and the check engine light eventually...
  15. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    Hi Y’all, Call Jeep Cares and reference my case. The spelling of my last name is unique so they should have an easy time finding it. Philip Rodriquez and my zip is 80016. It appears to have fixed my issues. I’ll know, for sure, when summer comes back to Colorado. Winter wheeling has been...
  16. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Any of them will do just fine in the mountains. Don't overthink this one and get the other options you want.
  17. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    They are the Mopar Beadlock capable wheels. If you live in Denver, pm me. I’ll be selling my wheels and tires when I take delivery.